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Marita Husso

Associate Professor, (sosiaalipolitiikka)
Tampere University
phone number+358503182510
City Centre Campus

About me

I am an associate professor (tenure track) of social policy at the Tampere University. I have a title of docent in social and public policy at the University of Eastern Finland. I am Principal Investigator of the Challenges of Tackling Digital Violence Against Women in Police Work, Crime Process and Support Services project (DIGNITEAS, Government’s analysis, assessment and research activities 2022-2023), Princepal Investigator of the WP5, Policy recommnedations, of Innovative Solutions to Eliminate Domestic Abuse (ISEDA, HORIZON-CL3-2021-FCT-0, 2022-2025) -EU project and Director / Coordinator and Princepal Inversigator of ERASE GBV Education and Raising Awareness in Schools to Prevent and Encounter Gender-Based Violence -EU project (Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme, 2020-2022). My resent research projects include Coronavirus Epidemic on Experiences of Domestic Violence and the Use of Services Tampere University research group (KOVÄ Parliament of Finland 2020-2021) and Encountering Domestic Violence and Multi-Professional Cooperation among the Police and Social and Health Care Professionals (European Commission, JUST/2016/ RGEN/AG/VAWA) research group and acting as either the director or deputy director of several research projects including topics such as Professional Practices and Occupational Health in Social and Health Care Sector (2011-2014 Emil Aaltonen Foundation), Encountering Violence in Social and Health Care Organizations (2011-2014 Academy of Finland), Agency, Care and Social Suffering (2008-2010 Academy of Finland), Violence Intervention in the Specialist Health Care (2009-2010 EU Daphne III programme) and Capabilities, Institutions, Dispositions and Power in Developed Societies (2006-2008 Academy of Finland). 

My research interests deal with care work, welfare service system, intersectional violence, vulnerability, social security, gendered agency, feminist theory and affect. My recent publications consider e.g. welfare service work, encountering and intervening violence in social and health care institutions, challenges of ideological, institutional and affective practices in violence intervention and possibilities of sustainable wellbeing.