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Tampere University
phone number+358503180730
City Centre Campus

Research topics

Child language, language acquisition, morphology of Finnish, contrastive research of Finnish and Estonian

Research fields

Linguistics, Finnish language

Selected publications

Klaus Laalo 2017: Acquisition of compound nouns in Finnish. - Nominal Compound Acquisition 191-207. Language Acquisition and Language DIsorders 61. John Benjamins Publishing Company.

Klaus Laalo 2015: Adjectives in Finnish child language: morphological and semantic aspects. - Semantics and morphology of early adjectives in first language acquisition 395-434. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Klaus Laalo 2011: Lapsen varhaiskielioppi ja miniparadigmat [The protogrammar and miniparadigms of Finnish-speaking children]. Publications of the Finnish Literature Society 1309.