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About me

I am a Doctoral Researcher in Social Psychology, Social Sciences. My research project is part of MSCA Innovative Traning Network called EuroAgeism. This is a European project involving diverse research institutes and policies organization (WHO, UN, etc) with the aim of providing scientific insights and policy reccomandations to combat ageism (stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination on the base of age). My research addresses age and diversity in inter-action in the workplace. I analyse social interactions between managers/Human Resources professionals and employees and I investigate how age and personal diversity shape the encounter, with the aim of provinding feedback to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace. 

Fields of expertise

My research expertise concernes ageing and working life, including ageism in the workforce and in inter-actions. I study organizational processes and human resources practices, with a focus on social interactions, ageing workers and intersectionality. From a methotological point of view I mostly focus on qualitative methods, social interactions' analysis through membership categorizational analysis. 

Research topics

Ageism in the working life, ageism in interaction, age and diveristy in interaction, ageing workers and late working life, organizational processes. 

Research unit



European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No 764632