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About me

I hold a PhD in Anthropology and Communication (2019) from Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Spain). My research focuses on studying digitization processes from different perspectives, especially in the context of health. One of my goals is finding ways to improve the integration of digital technologies in the organization and delivery of healthcare.

Research unit

Tampere University Research Centre for Communication Sciences (Taru)

Research fields

health communication, digital health, information science, ignorace studies, sociology of health and illness, medical anthropology

Selected publications

Sendra, A., Late, E., & Kumpulainen, S. (2023). More than data repositories: Perceived information needs for the development of social sciences and humanities research infrastructures. Information Research, 28 (4), 83-101.

Sendra, A., Torkkola, S., & Parviainen, J. (2023). Non-knowledge in medical practices: approaching the uses of social media in healthcare from an epistemological perspective. Journal of Digital Social Research, 5 (1), 70-89.

Sendra, A., Torkkola, S., & Parviainen, J. (2023). AstraZeneca Vaccine Controversies in the Media: Theorizing About the Mediatization of Ignorance in the Context of the COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign. Health Communication, online first.

Sendra, A., Grosjean, S., & Bonneville, L. (2022). Co-constructing experiential knowledge in health: The contribution of people living with Parkinson to the co-design approach. Qualitative Health Communication, 1 (1), 101-121.

Sendra, A., & Farré, J. (2020). Communicating the experience of chronic pain through social media: patients' narrative practices on Instagram. Journal of Communication in Healthcare, 13 (1), 46-54.