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TAMK Student's Handbook


If we witness an accident or an emergency, we all have a duty to come to the aid of others in distress.

In case of an accident:

  1. Find out what has happened and especially whether hazards are still present. Do not endanger yourself or others.
  2. Rescue those in danger and prevent further accidents.
  3. Give first aid, if necessary.
  4. Call the emergency number 112 and follow the dispatcher’s instructions.
  5. Direct emergency personnel to the scene with the help of others,

Emergency first aid 

  1. Is the patient alert? Try to wake him or her up.
  2. Is the patient breathing? Is the airway open? Gently tilt the head back to open the airway.
  3. Give first aid, if necessary:
    • If the patient is unconscious but breathing, turn him or her onto the side and into the recovery position.
    • If the patient is not breathing, give CPR: 30 chest compressions and 2 rescue breath.
  4. Call 112 and follow the dispatcher’s instructions.

More instructions for different situations are at Security and data protection section. For more information, please contact Safety team (turvallisuus [at] (turvallisuus[at]tuni[dot]fi)).

Published: 3.7.2019
Updated: 25.1.2022