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TAMK Student's Handbook

Opening hours of buildings and info desks

The info desks on all campuses are staffed by attendants who provide guidance and general advice concerning the facilities and the campus environment. The attendants manage the assignment of keys and key cards and help with mail and courier deliveries.

You can borrow chargers for both laptops and phones from the info desks. The staff members can also borrow the most common connectors, adapters and cables, as well as conference microphones (Jabra).

You can also visit the info desks to drop off used batteries and storage devices that contain sensitive information, return found property and inquire about lost property (found items are stored for 3 months, after which they are delivered to the police station) and to receive assistance with opening the campus storage lockers.

The info desk staff on the campuses of Tampere University will help you with using the AV equipment available in the shared facilities. On the TAMK main campus, please contact the janitor service with questions about AV equipment. The range of services offered by info desk staff varies slightly in the different buildings. More details are provided below.


TAMK main campus

TAMK main campus map

TAMK main campus doors are open from Monday to Friday between 7.45 - 18 o´clock and Saturday 8-15 o´clock also to University community external persons.
Staff and students are able to access the campus premises with their key card when necessary.
When on campus, staff members must keep their staff ID badges fully visible.

Info desks

G-Info desk (Kuntokatu 3) is open on weekdays Mon-Fri 8 am. - 4 pm., tel. +358 294 524 044 info.tamk [at]


  • Notice! 26.2.-1.3.2024 Info desk is open on Mon-Tue 8.30 am. - 4 pm., Wed 8 am. - 4 pm. and Thu-Fri 8 am. - 3 pm.

B-Info desk (Teiskontie 33) is open on weekdays Mon-Fri 7 am.- 9 am. 

Property's caretaker is available from the number of Info desk on weekdays Mon-Fri 7 am. - 9 pm. and Sat 8 am.- 4 pm.
tel. +358 294 524 066 vahtimestarit.tamk [at]

  • Notice! 26.2.-1.3.2024 Property's caretaker is available on Mon-Thu 7 am. - 4 pm. and Fri 8 am. - 4 pm.
  • On Saturday 2.3.2024 there is no service available at all

Info desk -specific services

Kuntokatu (G-info)

  • Staff can borrow:
    Dictating machine
    Nysse travel card
  • Students are given:
    Cards of completed trainings; firework, work safety, electrical work safety
    Loan card for access to exam facilities
    Pirha access button for training period
  • Updating notices displayed on the digital screens around campus
  • Permits to park in loading zones
  • Access for the visitor network

Teiskontie (B-info)

  • Car reservations
  • Students are given:
    Loan card for access to EXAM facilities
    Pirha access button for training period
Published: 30.1.2019
Updated: 27.2.2024