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Degree programme, curriculum year 2023–2024

Master's Programme in Social Science Research, 120 cr

Tampere University
Learning outcomes
Students who have completed master’s studies in social sciences have a comprehensive understanding of the expert concepts, methods and competences which form the basis of independent thinking and research in their field. They understand the approaches that are common in their field with respect to the critical study of society and to data acquisition, analysis and production. They are able to contribute to social issues and to carry out creative research and development activities. They are qualified to work in expert roles both in local and global contexts. They understand various human phenomena and content areas and are able to examine social phenomena from perspectives that offer new solutions. They have diverse communication skills. They are able to independently develop their expertise. The students possess the skills required for doctoral studies.
Content description

Master's Programme on Social Science Research consist of the following specialisations:

Global and Transnational Sociology
Peace, Mediation and Conflict Research
Public Policy Analysis

   Joint studies 17-22 credits
   Advanced Studies 90 credits
   Free Choice Studies 8-13 credits

Comparative Social Policy and Welfare

    Advanced studies 120 credits

Gender Studies

    Joint studies 17-22 credits
   Advanced Studies 85 credits
   Free Choice Studies 13-18 credits

Nordic Studies

   Joint studies 20 credits
   Advanced Studies 60 credits
   Free Choice Studies 40 credit

Academic years
2021–2022, 2022–2023, 2023–2024
Degree titles
Master of Administrative Sciences
Master of Social Sciences
120 cr
Degree programme type
Master's Degree
Language of instruction
733299 Master of Social Sciences, Other or Unknown Field
Fields of study
  • Social Sciences
Persons responsible
Responsible teacher:
Marko Salonen