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Degree programme, curriculum year 2024–2025

Master's Programme in Environmental Engineering, 120 cr

Tampere University
Learning outcomes

After completing this programme, the student is able to

  • Understand the underlying factors to environmental issues and the different perspectives required to solve them, including technology, economy and governance
  • Understand partnerships between decision makers, businesses, organisations and individuals and therefore collaborate and discuss with different actors and stakeholders
  • Design water, wastewater, and waste treatment processes and systems
  • Formulate a problem in a systemic way and develop innovative strategies to advance sustainability
Academic years
2024–2025, 2025–2026, 2026–2027
Degree titles
Master of Science (Technology)
120 cr
Degree programme type
Master's Degree
Language of instruction
Hervanta campus
751403 Master of Science (Technology), Environmental Engineering
Fields of study
  • Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction
Persons responsible
Responsible teacher:
Jorma Keskinen 1.1.2024 - 31.12.2028, Head of degree programme
Responsible teacher:
Jukka Rintala
Responsible teacher:
Hannele Auvinen