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Course unit, curriculum year 2023–2024

Cognitive Neuroscience II, 5 cr

Tampere University
Teaching periods
Active in period 3 (1.1.2024–3.3.2024)
Active in period 4 (4.3.2024–31.5.2024)
Course code
Language of instruction
English, Finnish
Academic years
2021–2022, 2022–2023, 2023–2024
Level of study
Intermediate studies
Grading scale
General scale, 0-5
Persons responsible
Responsible teacher:
Jari Hietanen
Responsible organisation
Faculty of Social Sciences 100 %
Coordinating organisation
Psychology Studies 100 %
The course concentrates on characterising the nature of the following functions from the point of view of cognitive neuroscience: memory and learning, emotions and social cognition, language, executive functions, problem solving, development of brain and cognitive functions, and consciousness.
Learning outcomes
Compulsory prerequisites
Learning material
Studies that include this course
Completion option 1
Luennot, kirjallisuus ja tentti.

Participation in teaching

24.01.2024 28.04.2024
Active in period 3 (1.1.2024–3.3.2024)
Active in period 4 (4.3.2024–31.5.2024)