Support for digital education

A teacher does not have to do everything alone – and this also applies to planning an online course. The Tampere higher education community has extensive support services, and you can also request the support of a pedagogical or technical expert through the TLC.

Considering matters with your colleagues is also an excellent alternative for learning new methods and developing teaching. For this, the TLC maintains a Teachers’ Lounge discussion forum, where teachers can join in to get inspired, come up with ideas, ask questions and share their concerns as well as their competence and best practices.

A teacher does not have to become an expert in digital pedagogics and technology in just a few moments; they can start small and try to continuously evolve at their job.

The important part is to try and to ask for help when help is needed.

Support from the higher education community

Digital mentors : The website of the Tampere higher education community’s digital mentor network.

Digital mentoring comprises support and development operations for the staff of the Tampere higher education community. Its objectives are to increase awareness and practical skills regarding the opportunities offered by digitalisation and to share good practices within the higher education community.

Developing your competence independently

Through the following links, you can learn more about the various solutions supporting digital pedagogics and find ways to develop your own skills in the different areas of digital pedagogics.

Open access

Center for Digital Dannelse. (n.d.) The Digital Competency Wheel
Laakso, M. (nd.) Matleenan blogi (in Finnish)
Yle. (n.d.) Digitreenit (in Finnish)
Unips. (2020). Pedagogics in digital learning

Registeration needed

The Moodle Master classes (more information in Finnish) can be found in TUNI Moodle. The material is available to the entire Tampere higher education community for independent studying. In the Moodle Master course you can find, for instance, practical instructional videos of different Moodle activities.

Wistec Online environment. Self-study materials and real-time webinars.
DigiCampus self-study materials.