Welcome to TLC!

A warm welcome to the Teaching and Learning Centre of Tampere higher education community! TLC is a public website that invites the community members to develop, share and get networked through its different functionalities. Our goal is to support anyone doing or developing teaching work: everyone has the chance to develop their skills through teacher networks and the extensive support and training services of the higher education community as well as with the help of the continuous learning paths.

The website we have now published is just a starting point for the story: the content will grow and develop based on feedback from the higher education community and based to the activity of its members. We invite everyone to participate and share their skills, both on the website and through TLC’s events, so don’t hesitate to join our network!

Upon publishing TLC, we will also publish the first post on its edited blog, written by the University’s Vice President Marja Sutela. The blog authors will be representatives of the higher education community’s training and teaching operations from the different faculties, schools, support and expert services as well as the management level of education. Moving forward, the blog will offer everyone the chance to share their thoughts and experiences of developing teaching and education.

We hope that our colleagues in all Finnish higher education institutes (HEIs) will discover Teaching and Learning Centre launched by the Tampere higher education community, and that together we can all promote teachers’ development during their career as well as higher education pedagogics.