More visibility for pedagogical projects and research groups!

Now it is time to make the Tampere Universities community’s pedagogical research and development visible.

The Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) offers visibility for projects and research groups on its website. In order to find all relevant projects and research groups, we need our research and development staff to help us.

Our website will include presentations on projects and research groups with focus on pedagogical development. The branch of science does not play a role as far as the objectives reveal what new knowledge or skills the project offers for development of teaching and education. If you are not sure if your project or research group should be presented on TLC’s site, please do not hesitate to ask us for further information.

Please notice that all projects and research groups have to be found by research search at website. TLC’s service presents the universities community’s pedagogical development and research and thus does not replace project and research cards on website.

We are also happy to disseminate valuable project results on our site. If your project is related to contents on TLC’s site, please tell us about it by email 

Please proceed as follows if you want to have your project or research group on TLC’s site:

  1. Discuss with the project manager or research group leader on sending a presentation to TLC’s site. 
  2. Fill in the project’s or research group’s data on the form. If you also want the data on TLC’s Finnish site, please fill in this form, too.