Workplace well-being

Workplace well-being refers to the compatibility and balance between a person’s resources and the work itself. Its management is comprehensive work with a focus on prevention of issues.

Competence development

Up-to-date skills and a feeling of being able to manage one’s work increase motivation, commitment and the ability to cope with the workload. Professional competence, work management at the different stages of working life and high-quality management and supervisory work increase the personnel’s capabilities for succeeding in their varied duties and amidst changing working conditions. Competence development promotes the culture of continuous learning, expertise and working together and supports preparedness and courage for change.

The higher education community in Tampere offers centralised training and development services for its staff, organised by HRD teams and other support teams, among other operators.

The handbook on the intranet has more information about competence development and staff training.

The up-to-date training schedule can be found in the intranet’s staff training calendar .

Workplace well-being

As employers, Tampere University and TAMK support the workplace well-being of their personnel and manage the prerequisites for working and workplace well-being. It is important to help employees and working communities improve work efficiency, the work community’s operations and their sense of community, as well as their working conditions.

A teacher’s work is interpersonal work that requires special mental resources. Professional skills help a teacher react to and solve even challenging situations without burdening them too much mentally.
Tampere University and TAMK provide their employees with various services that maintain the personnel’s well-being. The range of workplace well-being training is divided into three workplace well-being learning paths: Efficient information work , Teamwork and interactions and Recovery, exercise and nutrition .

The employer also offers many staff benefits , such as the ePassi sports, culture and well-being voucher.

The expertise of the research group of workplace well-being in the Tampere higher education community promotes the development of workplace well-being in our working community. Read more about the research group’s work and publications.

Support for work abilities

Tampere University and TAMK apply a model of early intervention, the purpose of which is to facilitate intervening in risk factors threatening workplace well-being as early on as possible.

Occupational healthcare

Every employee with a valid employment relationship is entitled to occupational healthcare services. In addition to the statutory preventative services of occupational healthcare, the services include a range of medical treatment services provided voluntarily by the employer.

Additional materials

The materials of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health contain a lot of useful information about well-being and a functioning work community.

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