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"You feel part of a bigger plan than what you originally came for."

As a student ambassador you will have an important role in in marketing our degree programmes, TAMK and the city of Tampere. Becoming a student ambassador is a fantastic opportunity to improve your communication skills, create networks and to acquire working life skills. Our student ambassadors are active both on campus and online.

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Why should I become a student ambassador?

Student Ambassadors act as a link between TAMK and the outside community. Your job as a Student Ambassadors is to promote TAMK and Tampere as the best place to study and live by using and sharing your own experiences. The position offers both paid and volunteer-based activities.
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Sign up!

Apply by clicking on the link below and filling out the form. You will need your student user account (TUNI account) to be able to sign up. The main application period for the academic year 2020/21 is by 15 May 2020. A complementary application will be organised during orientation weeks for new students in autumn 202. And no need to worry, we'll train you for the job!
Social media ambassaodrs

Student Ambassador blog and instagram

What is it like to study and live in Tampere? What are your studies like, your days on and off campus? What is it like to live in Finland as an international student? Our social media ambassadors write blog texts and create content to TAMK Instagram. If you are interested in blog ambassador and/or instagram ambassador duties, please indicate your wish on the application form above.
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Support and training

All student ambassadors will receive compulsory training for their work as ambassadors. Training sessions are organised at the beginning of each academic year. The next training for both previous and new ambassadors will be organised on Wednesday 9 September. More detailed information will be sent to all selected ambassadors. TAMK will provide all printed and online materials necessary for ambassadors to perform to the best of their ability. We cover student priced travel costs for high school visits and if there is no public transport available the TAMK vehicles can be used as well. Hosting visitors on campus will be supported by a walking map, which you will find unnecessary very soon. TAMK Admissions and Student Recruitment will assist you in any questions that visitors or interested candidates have that you cannot help with! TAMK will invite you to use the Unibuddy platform for discussions with potential applicants, so you do not have to utilise your own social media profiles. We can also support you by monitoring and blocking reported inappropriate messaging.