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Registration for courses and study practices for exchange students

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Registration for courses

Only students who are registered as present at Tampere University and who have a University-issued TUNI user account can register for courses online. The latest information on course registration is given during our Welcome Week.

The criteria for course selection is specified in the course description. On some courses, students are selected in the order in which they register. Exchange students can choose course units from different faculties according to their own interests, provided that they meet the course prerequisites (for example previous or equivalent courses taken, knowledge of the language of instruction) and there are places available. However, exchange students are expected to select the majority of their courses from the hosting degree programme. Acceptance to courses of other degree programmes and faculties cannot be guaranteed, and for some course units the attendance of exchange students is restricted. Same rules apply to cross-campus studies.

Academic culture

In Finnish universities the hierarchy is usually low. Titles are not used in discussions and most teachers and other staff can be called by their first name. From the beginning of their studies, students are considered to be full members of our university community, with the rights and responsibilities related to their position. According to Tampere University guidelines, students pursue degree programmes not only to acquire the skills, knowledge and attitudes that they will need in their later life and future career but also to make progress towards and complete their degree.

Students are also entitled to support from their teachers. Teachers are obligated to inspire and support students and to promote their studies, learning and growth into an expert by applying teaching methods that serve students with learning disabilities and by giving feedback that motivates students to learn new things. All teachers provide academic advice as a part of their duties. Students must be treated equally, supportively and respectfully.

All members of the academic community are expected to comply with the principles of good scientific practice and academic integrity and are entitled to expect others to do the same.

Freedom and responsibility in studies

The Finnish system of academic education gives students a great deal of freedom in planning and scheduling their studies. This freedom also requires independence and responsibility from the student as choosing subjects and course units, avoiding overlapping courses and keeping the schedule balanced throughout the academic year may sometimes be difficult and time-consuming. Exchange students have to make a preliminary study plan already when applying to the university according to the guidelines of their home universities. Exchange students are expected to select the majority of their courses from the hosting degree programme. Acceptance to courses of other degree programmes and faculties cannot be guaranteed, and usually some prior studies in these fields are required.

Please confirm with your home university whether they require you to complete a certain number of credits during your exchange study period. We have not set limitations to the number of courses exchange students should take, but we recommend students to complete at least 20 ECTS credits / semester and choose the majority of courses from the host faculty.

Forms of instruction

Teachers at Tampere University employ a wide variety of teaching techniques. Typical modes of delivery include lectures, seminars and small group exercises. It is also possible to complete courses through independent study that may, for example, involve independent reading of literature included in the course requirements followed by an exam. Such exams are taken as electronic exams either on a day chosen by the student or on examination days that are usually arranged once a month. Writing an essay on the topics defined by the lecturer may also suffice to complete some courses.

Language courses and studying in Finnish

Tampere University Language Centre offers Finnish language courses, which are taught in English. These courses range from the elementary to advanced level and are open to all exchange students of the University on a first-come, first-served basis. These courses are meant to be taken alongside the course units in your major subject, they do not serve as preparatory courses for a degree programme taught in Finnish.

If you plan to apply for a Finnish-taught degree programme, you must acquire sufficient knowledge of Finnish before applying for the programme. Excellent proficiency in Finnish is required to gain admission to degree programmes taught in Finnish.

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