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Preliminary study plan for exchange students

University and TAMK


Your preliminary study plan is one of the required documents at the stage of your exchange studies application to Tampere University. However, having your preliminary study plan approved by Tampere University at the stage of application does not automatically guarantee acceptance to any courses, as the responsible teacher for the course is the one who makes the final decision among the registered exchange students. You will be able to register for courses only after you complete your registration with the University and your TUNI user account activation.

The Learning Agreement for Erasmus+ exchange students can be signed after your arrival and your final registration for courses. Please remember that you will be able to modify your Learning Agreement after your arrival, if you follow the course registration deadlines. If you plan to attend the summer school in August, please add these courses and codes to your preliminary study plan / Learning Agreement as well. Tampere University does not have any deadlines for signing the LA's. Please follow the instructions and deadlines given by your home university.

First, confirm with your home university whether they require you to complete a certain number of credits during your exchange study period. We have not set limitations to the number of courses exchange students should take, but we recommend students to complete at least 20 ECTS credits / semester.

To prepare a perfect preliminary study plan, please read the following instuctions:

  1. Read carefully our instructions and especially the Q&A section: Registration for courses and study practices for exchange students
  2. For campus-specific instructions and tips regarding your Mobility-Online application, please select the correct section below

City centre and Kauppi campuses (autumn semester 2020)

Hervanta campus (autumn semester 2020)