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Doctoral Programme in Information and Systems (DPIS)


The Doctoral Programme in IS operates in the areas of computer science, mathematics and statistics, and it offers doctoral research opportunities on the respective themes, such as:
- data analysis, data mining and statistical modelling,
- mathematics and mathematical methods of data processing, and
- software, databases and data systems.

The programme operates in the Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Sciences. The steering committee appointed to the programme is responsible for planning, arranging and developing the doctoral programme together with the academic officer.

Contact persons in the matters related to this doctoral programme

Poika Isokoski, Head of Doctoral Programme
Elina Orava, Academic Officer
Kaisu Karvonen, Student Services Assistant
Faculty Office location in City Campus: Pinni B1061.
Personal email address format is firstname.lastname[@]

Schedule of decisions and deadlines in the doctoral programme of IS

Autumn 2019 on Wednesdays:

Deadline for materials* Date of decisions (Council, Dean)
14.08.2019 28.08.2019
11.09.2019 25.09.2019
09.10.2019 23.10.2019
06.11.2019 20.11.2019
27.11.2019 11.12.2019

Spring 2020 on Wednesdays:

Deadline for materials* Date of decisions (Council, Dean)
08.01.2020 22.01.2020
05.02.2020 19.02.2020
11.03.2020 25.03.2020
08.04.2020 22.04.2020
06.05.2020 20.05.2020
27.05.2020 10.06.2020

•    *Deadline for the submission of all materials (incl. dissertation statements) concerning doctoral degrees and education is two weeks before the decision date.