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Doctoral Programme in Engineering and Natural Sciences (TLTO)


The Doctoral Programme in Engineering and Natural Sciences has a strong commitment to the highest level of scientific research, providing high-qualified and managed doctoral education. The main principle is to educate students who have strong basis in natural sciences and mathematics. Research groups are making internationally highly esteemed practical, theoretical and computational research and interdisciplinarity is encouraged. Doctoral studies in the programme gives excellent readiness to work as a researcher and a specialist in the own field in industry or in the public sector.

Learning Outcomes of the programme:

The Doctoral Programme in Engineering and Natural Sciences offers the possibility to complete the postgraduate degrees of Licentiate of Science in Technology and Doctor of Science in the following majors including research fields:

  • Bioengineering
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Energy Technology
  • Environmental Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

The objective of doctoral education is that students:

1. become well-versed in their own field of research and its societal significance;
2. gain the knowledge and skills required to apply scientific or artistic research methods independently and critically and produce new scientific or artistic knowledge;
3. become conversant with the developments, basic problems and research methods in their own field of research and related fields; and
4. gain such knowledge of the general theory of science and of other disciplines related to their own field of research as to enable the students to follow developments in them;
5. gain the necessary communication and language skills and other competencies to pursue challenging professional careers and international collaboration
6. is aware of his/her targets of motivation, the related routes for future employment in these fields, as well as strengths/weaknesses that he/she is willing to improve.

Administration of the programme

The head of the programme is professor, vice-dean for education Esa Räsänen. The head is responsible for operation and development of the programme with the doctoral programme committee and the academic officer. The committee gathers once or twice a month, except in July. The members of the doctoral programme committee are: 

Professor Esa Räsänen
Professor Nikolai Tkachenko
Professor Mika Valden
Academy Postdoctoral Researcher Lassi Paunonen
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Aino-Maija Lakaniemi
Assistant Professor (tenure track) Matti Rissanen
Doctoral Researcher Laura Salo
Doctoral Researcher Anna Hämäläinen
Academic Officer Anna Halonen

The dean makes the following decisions of a recommendation of the doctoral committee:

The dissertation manuscript's readiness for pre-examination and appointing the pre-examiners
The permission to publish a manuscript and confirming the date of a public defence and appointing the opponent/s and custos
Changes in supervisory duties
Appointing the examiners of a licentiate's  thesis
Approving a licentiate's  thesis
Accepting new doctoral students

Forms related to doctoral studies 

The deadlines to submit documents for the doctoral committee are:

4 Feb (meeting 10 Feb)
3 Mar (meeting 12 Mar)

31 Mar (meeting 7 Apr)
28 Apr (meeting 5 May)
19 May (meeting 26 May)
9 Jun (meeting 16 Jun)

The faculty council decides of accepting and grading of the dissertations. Faculty council's meeting dates

Doctoral programme sends annually a compulsory progression survey for all postgraduate students.

Contact persons in the faculty:

Anna Halonen, Academic Officer
Minna Uusitalo, Assistant, Study Services

Contact information:

Tampere University
Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences
P.O. Box 589, 33014 Tampere University

Visiting address: Korkeakoulunkatu 6 (Konetalo K2222A), 33720 Tampere