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Doctoral Programme in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering (DPBMSE)


The Doctoral Programme in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering is multidisciplinary. Our students learn to work with experts from different fields and gain an understanding of cultural disciplinary differences. The doctoral programme attracts students who are looking to utilise technology in medicine. The focus areas of the programme are biophysics, signal processing and imaging, biomaterials and tissue engineering, sensor technology and biomeasurements, health ICT and computational neuroscience. These are all rapidly evolving and growing fields of research and development in academia, industry and Finnish society. We maintain a strong international focus in our research and offer our doctoral students a diverse range of seminars and different examination options. Our students may have some lecture courses included in their previous MSc (Tech) degree counted towards their doctoral degree.

Meeting dates (material deadline) 2019-2020:

19.8.2020 (5.8.)
22.9.2020 (8.9.)
23.10.2020 (9.10.)
17.11.2020 (3.11.)
16.12.2020 (2.12.)


Professor in charge Pasi Kallio
Education manager Henna Mattila
Study secretary Heli Jokiaho    
(other email addresses

Tampere University
Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology

Post address:
PB 589, 33014 Tampere University


Pre-examiners of a doctoral dissertation
Permission to publish a doctoral dissertation
Public defence, opponent and chairperson