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International student tutoring

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Each year more than 1000 new international students start their studies at Tampere University, some to complete a bachelor's or master's degree, some to spend a semester or academic year here as an exchange student. Adapting to their new environment, a new way of studying, student life and the Finnish culture might seem a bit confusing in the beginning. An international student tutor is an invaluable help for the new student in this process. International tutors are usually older students, Finnish or international, who have been trained to act as tutors.

An international tutor is often one of the first contacts in Finland for the new students and an important help in many practical issues at the beginning of the studies. Regular meetings and common events provide unforgettable experiences as well as friendships and networks for both tutors and tutees! For the faculties, student tutors are an essential and highly valued part of peer guidance, which helps new students get an efficient start to their studies and involved in the student community. As an international student tutor, you will get to work with a multicultural group for an academic year, gain transferrable skills in intercultural communication and group work, learn project management skills, learn more about university services, and most important of all, get new friends and have fun! You can also include international student tutoring in your internationalisation module.

Tutoring for international degree students

International degree students arrive in Tampere to complete either a bachelor's or master's degree and will spend 2-5 years studying at Tampere University, many also with the hope of establishing a career in Finland after studies. For degree students, adapting into the academic community and getting involved in the Finnish student life is essential for integrating into the society, progressing smoothly in studies and establishing a successful career in Finland.

Tutoring for degree students continues for the whole academic year.

Tutoring for exchange students

Exchange students study for a degree at one of Tampere University's partner universities or arrive in Tampere through an international exchange programme or network. Exchange students study in Tampere for a semester or an academic year (4-9 months). New exchange students arrive in August or in January. Tutoring for exchange students lasts for a whole academic year or for one semester.

  • Exchange students' satisfaction in tutor's support, autumn semester 2019
    • City centre and Kauppi campuses: 95 %
    • Hervanta campus: 80 %
  • Exchange students' student tutors rating (scale 1-10) average, autumn semester 2019
    • City centre and Kauppi campuses: 8,73
    • Hervanta campus: 7,23

International student tutoring in practice

The work of international student tutors begins already well before the Welcome Week.Tutors contact the new students who arrive for the autumn semester in June or July and those who arrive for the spring semester in December and support them in preparing for their arrival in Finland. The busiest time for international tutors is in mid-August/beginning of January when the new students arrive. International tutors meet the new international students on arrival in Tampere, show them around the campus and the city, tell them about study practices at Tampere University, and introduce the new students to the student organisations. Tutors are expected to organise common events together with student organisations also during the semesters.

International tutoring is done in groups. In the city centre and Kauppi campuses, a tutor usually has a co-tutor and together they form a tutor pair. One tutor is responsible for a group consisting of a few new students. In the Hervanta campus, a tutor group consists of one or more tutors and 5-20 tutees. The numbers of tutees in the group depends on how many tutors there are in the group.

In addition to tutors, the new student is also assisted at the start of studies by many others. Tutors work together with faculty staff, the International Mobility Services and the persons responsible for international tutoring in the student organisations and student union. They all have an important role in supporting the work of an international tutor.

How can I become an international student tutor?

International student tutors are recruited annually during an application period in January – February. The application period is organised by the Tampere University Student Union TREY. If necessary, an additional application period is organised in October-November to recruit new tutors for students who arrive in spring semester.

International tutor trainings

International student tutoring requires both planning and practical work. To help international tutors prepare for the task, tutor trainings are organised in cooperation between Tampere University and TREY. The trainings, organised in April, August and November, reflect on the role and responsibilities of international student tutors and give practical information to help international tutors’ work. In addition to the training common to all tutors, faculties or student organisations may arrange their own trainings. Tutor trainings are mandatory for international student tutors, and are all organised in English.

Tutor trainings are developed on the basis of feedback collected from tutors. Feedback is collected as immediate feedback after the trainings and via essays written by tutors and a tutor feedback survey.

Next tutor trainings

  • Will be organised in March-April 2020.

Tutor feedback and credits

Towards the end of their term as international student tutors, all tutors submit an electronic feedback and a reflective essay on their work as an international tutor. Tutors will be given more detailed information on how to submit their feedback and essay.

International student tutors who have attended the tutor trainings, worked actively as international tutors, submitted the final feedback and evaluated their performance as a tutor will be awarded 2 ECTS credits. International tutors also receive a 50 euro compensation for expenses each semester they start with a new tutor group.

The credits for tutoring can only be awarded once during your studies. You can also get a certificate for each semester you worked as an international tutor. You can request a certificate in Finnish or in English after submitting the tutor essay. The tutors of exchange students in the Hervanta campus and all the city centre campus tutors can ask for their certificate from The tutors of degree students in the Hervanta campus can ask the certificate from their own faculty.

Tutoring feedbacks, autumn semester 2019

The instructions will be published on this site in December.

Materials for current tutors:

  • The Student Union TREY and the university have made a guidebook for international tutors. A pdf copy of the guidebook is available on TREY's website. Tutors will also receive a printed copy in August
  • All training material, guidebooks and other material for international tutors can be found from a Moodle site. You can log in by using your TUNI username
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