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Degree certificates

University and TAMK


Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Certificates

After you have completed all studies required for a degree, you can apply for a degree certificate at your faculty.

All courses and required study module grades must be registered before you submit your application.

The certificate is granted within three weeks after the application is submitted (during semesters). The dean will decide on granting the certificate and graduation. For more information on the schedule of graduation, please visit Graduation.

You can collect your certificate either from the Student Affairs Office at Hervanta campus or City Centre campus (see also contact information and opening hours). If you wish, the certificate can be posted to you in the mail at your own risk.

Along with the degree certificate, bachelor’s and master’s degree graduates will receive a Diploma Supplement, in English and free of charge, for international use.

Furthermore, you can graduate with distinction upon the faculty’s consideration. The criteria for graduating with distinction are specified in Tampere University's Regulations of Degrees. A period of transition is applied for the graduation with distinction for degrees in engineering until the end of 2019. This means that until then, the criteria for graduation with distinction of the former Tampere University of Technology are applied.

Obtaining a Degree Certificate in Engineering/Architecture

Obtaining a Degree Certificate in Other Disciplines

Licentiate of Medicine Degree Certificate Application

Licentiate and Doctoral Degree Certificate Applications