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Degree certificates

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Graduation between 18.3.-13.5.2020

Graduation is possible also between 18.3.-13.5.2020. During this period certificates cannot be picked up from the study office. A copy of the certificate can be sent to the graduate upon request by e-mail. The completion of the degree can be verified via the Koski service. A hard copy of the degree certificate will be delivered to the graduate later.

Exceptional situation continues, proceedings from 1 June 2020

You can collect your degree certificate on campus 1 June 2020 onwards. Please remember to take your ID with you.

CITY CENTRE CAMPUS: Degree certificate collection Mon-Fri at 10-14 at the Main Building. The building is closed from students for the spring is changing due to deployment of Sisu study information system in August 2020. Please see the section How to asemester, so when you arrive, please call the Infodesk. You can find their number on the door of the main entrance.

HERVANTA CAMPUS: Degree certificate collection Mon-Fri at 10-14 at 1st floor Infodesk, Kampusareena.

Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Certificates


NB! Due the maintenance break (18.6-4.8.2020) on university's information systems, the application for the degree certificate should be submitted by 27 May 2020, which will ensure that your certificate will be processed in time by 17 June 2020. The degree certificates will be issued next time in Autumn 2020. Then the degree certificate can be applied from the new student information system, Sisu.


Application procedure is changing due to deployment of Sisu study information system in August 2020. Please see the section How to Apply for a Degree Certificate in Sisu.

After you have completed all studies required for a degree, you can apply for a degree certificate in Sisu. All courses and required study module grades should be registered before you submit your application.

The certificate is granted within three weeks after the application is submitted (during semesters). The dean will decide on granting the certificate and graduation. For more information on the schedule of graduation, please visit Graduation.

You can collect your certificate either from the Student Affairs Office at Hervanta campus or City Centre campus (see also contact information and opening hours). If you wish, the certificate can be posted to you in the mail at your own risk.

Along with the degree certificate, degree graduates will receive a Diploma Supplement, in English and free of charge, for international use.

Graduation with distinction

According the faculty’s decision, a graduate of its bachelor’s or master’s programmes may graduate with distinction if set criteria are met. The criteria for graduating with distinction are specified in Tampere University's Regulations of Degrees (33 §). According to the decisions made by the faculties BEN, ENS, ITC, MET and MAB, from 1 August 2020 onwards it is possible to graduate with distinction in all Bachelor of Science (Technology), Master of Science (Technology) and Master of Science (Architecture) degrees and in Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts and Master of Science degrees completed in the following degree programmes:

  • Biomedical Technology
  • Bioteknologian ja biolääketieteen tekniikan tutkinto-ohjelma
  • Kielten tutkinto-ohjelma
  • Master’s Degree Programme in Computational Big Data Analytics
  • Master’s Degree Programme in Software Development
  • Master’s Degree Programme in Human-Technology Interaction
  • Master’s Degree Programme in Computing Sciences
  • Matematiikan ja tilastotieteen tutkinto-ohjelma
  • Tietojenkäsittelytieteen tutkinto-ohjelma

How to Apply for a Degree Certificate in Sisu

Bachelor's and Master's Degree Certificates

Licentiate of Medicine Degree Certificates

Licentiate and Doctoral Degree Certificates