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Examination instructions for candidates


Examination instructions for candidates 

When taking exams student follow Guidelines for student assessment. A course exam may be organised as a centrally organised exam, an electronic skills demonstration or other assessment event. Retake option has to be offered when it comes to exams.

Exam resits

Students are allowed to enrol for paper-based examinations three times regardless of whether they pass or fail their earlier examination attempts. Students will not be automatically granted additional attempts at a course examination if they re-enrol on the course. After a student has exhausted the maximum number of attempts, he or she must personally contact the teacher in charge of the course well in advance to inquire about the possibility to be granted an additional resit. The teacher shall conduct a personal counselling discussion with the student before making the decision.  Teacher either grants the student an additional attempt or advises the student to retake the course.

Students are not entitled to exactly two or three exams, if they do not take advantage of all the exam sessions that are available to them. Overlapping exams are not considered sufficient reason to arrange extra exam sessions.         

Each exam has a retake option to ensure that students have at least one opportunity to attend the exam despite possible overlaps in exam schedules.

Teachers decide how many times electronic skills demonstrations are offered to students and the period during which they are offered as well as determine the duration of the demonstrations. (Assessment Policy, Section18)  

Enrolment for an examination 

Students may enrol for no more than one exam held at the same time. A student who enrols on an examination and fails to appear will have used up one of the three available attempts. If the student provides a medical certificate or presents other valid supporting documentation that indicates why he or she was unable to take the examination, the exam organiser will reset the attempt.    

For a well-founded reason, a student may enrol for an exam even post deadline provided that he/she has previously not completed it. The course must be included in the student¿s degree and his/her PSP. A well-founded reason may refer to falling ill, for example.

This is only possible if the exam is being arranged and there is room in the examination room. To enrol for an exam post deadline, the student must personally contact Examination Services on the working day preceding the exam at the latest. Please contact Examination Services ( attach your PSP.

Examination procedure and allowed items (paper-based examinations) 

Examinations begin exactly on the hour upon the invigilator's announcement. The time after which candidates may leave the examination room and the time when the examination is due to end shall be counted from this moment. Candidates may not leave the examination room during the first thirty minutes of an examination. During this time, candidates may still enter the examination room provided that they do so without disturbing others.     

Candidates must be seated according to the instructions provided by the invigilator. Candidates are not allowed to touch the examination papers until permitted to do so by the invigilator. An attendance sheet shall be circulated in the examination room. All candidates must write their name or student number and the course code on the sheet.   

Candidates may only take writing utensils (pencils, eraser, ruler, pencil sharpener) to their desk at the examination room. Candidates must also bring photo ID (preferably their student card) to the examination. Candidates are not allowed to use electronic aids (such as calculators, mobile phones or smartbands) or other materials (such as dictionaries) unless otherwise stated in the examination paper. Candidates must follow all the instructions that are provided on the examination paper or stated by the invigilator. They may not borrow materials from other candidates or communicate with each other in any way during an examination.  

Any other belongings (coats, bags etc.) must be left beside the wall of the examination room or other designated area. Mobile phones must be switched off or set on airplane mode. With the exception of unlabelled water bottles, candidates are not allowed to bring food or drinks to the examination room unless they are able to provide a medical certificate that confirms that the special arrangements are necessary for health reasons. The arrangements must be agreed upon in advance with the exam organiser.   

Candidates will receive their exam papers and answer sheets at the examination room. They must write down their name, student number and course code on each answer sheet. Unsigned answer sheets will not be marked. When leaving the examination room, candidates must hand over all answer sheets to the invigilator unless otherwise instructed.   

Candidates will be accompanied on bathroom visits by an invigilator. 


Teachers must grade examinations within 21 days of the exam date or the last day of the exam period. If the credits do not appear on your academic records, please email

How to sign up for exams (POP)

You can sign up for examinations and cancel sign-ups on the following pages in POP:

  • POP > Studies > Exams, where you can search for exams with the name or code of the course or part of these by entering them as search terms, or
  • POP > Studies > Study guide by using the search function 

Students are required to sign up for examinations at least seven (7) days before the examination. NB! Only the answer papers of those students who have signed up for the examination will be forwarded to the lecturer for grading!  

If you cannot attend the exam please remember to cancel in time. You will be considered to have taken the exam, if you do not cancel your sign-up at least one day before the exam. Bear in mind that if you neglect to cancel your exam sign-up, it counts as one opportunity to take the exam.

Students may attempt an exam of the same course a maximum of three times. If you do not pass the exam within the three attempts, you will be allowed to take the exam only if the teacher in charge of the course grants you written permission. The Student Register keeps track of the number of times students have attended the same exam. 

Signing up for exams becomes available one month before the beginning of the teaching period in question. Exam retakes for the present academic year can be found in the description page of the applicable course.

The deadlines for sign-ups and cancelling:


Sign-up by 23:59

Cancelling day before the exam by 07:59

on Monday on Monday of the previous week

on Sunday

on Tuesday on Tuesday of the previous week on Monday
on Wednesday on Wednesday of the previous week on Tuesday
on Thursday on Thursday of the previous week on Wednesday
on Friday on Friday of the previous week on Thursday

You cannot sign up for exams and the Sign up link is not visible, if:

  • You have already used up all the three attempts allowed for exams.
  • You have already signed up for an exam that will take place at the same time
  • The exam sign-up is not available yet 
  • You don't have study right to take the course (Open University students)
  • You aren't attending for the semester.