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Note these when using Sisu



  • Use the HAKA-authentication and choose Tampere Universities (Tampereen yliopistot) when logging in to Sisu
    Haka-authentication in Sisu
  • The warning that informs you that you do not have a study right or that you have not been enrolled can be left unnoticed for the time being. Sisu does not entail the study right and enrollment information for the academic year 2010-202. This does not affect the creating of a PSP.
    PSP warning in Sisu
  • Note the meanings of different rules and modes of the personal study plan.
  • The filters of the search tool window of the study calendar are likewise not working properly, because the enrolment information is not yet entailed in Sisu.
    Calendar filters in Sisu
  • The timeline and study calendar views cannot be accessed until at least one study plan has been created.

Note that if you make additions to your calendar and delete your study plan, you won’t be able to access or modify your calendar until you have created another study plan. This is especially important to notice if you have synchronized your study calendar with an external calendar for example.

If you want to delete additions related to a deleted study plan, you must make a new study plan so that you can access the calendar again or you must search the course and from the course leaflet you can delete teaching from the calendar.


  • If you want to make changes to course realisations e.g. teaching times, you should cancel them, even though this might be more arduous.
    • At this stage of the academic year it can be presumed that students are looking at said course realisations, which is why it is important that the changes are visible to students as well.
  • Note the different user roles for administration and their functions:
    • Person responsible for PSPs can create tutoring groups.
    • Teacher tutor: user right is not separately applied for, person responsible for PSPs attaches the role to a tutor group


Sisu FAQ

  1. Sisu gives me the following warning: “You do not have a study right that corresponds to your study plan or you have not registered for the current semester.” I have registered and I have a study right, what’s wrong?
    1. Tampere university’s Sisu currently not linked to the student registry, which is why you get the warning about a missing study right/registration. You can make the personal study plan regardless of the warning. Making the PSP takes place on the Structure of studies tab, by clicking new study plan and choosing your education on the all educations section.
  2. How can I leave feedback about Sisu?
  3. How can I save my PSP to my computer, as a pdf file for example?
    1. Structure of studies > three dot menu > print plan > save as pdf
  4. I’m unable to make my PSP in Sisu and therefore unable to enroll to courses as well, what to do?
    1. Course enrolment is currently not in use in Tampere university’s Sisu. Right now it is done in NettiOpsu. Check the instructions on making a PSP here.
  5. I’m unable to sign in to Sisu, what to do? / When signing in to Sisu, the systems says that I do not have access rights, what to do?
    1. Check that you choose Tampere Universities (Tampereen korkeakoulut) while using the haka login. Does your password work in other university services (e.g. O365 or e-mail)? Try contacting
  6. Can I enrol to courses before I have created my PSP?
    1. You must create the PSP before you can enrol to courses. Course enrolment in Sisu is done in August 2020 and onwards.