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Front Page in Sisu: Student Information and General View


Front Page in Sisu: Student Information and General View

Information in the Front Page of Sisu

The front page of Sisu for students shows graphs that describe the student's progress in studies. The graphs present the following: GPA, the ECTS goal for the academic year, planned and completed studies in percentages. The numbers below the percentages are planned and completed credits in relation to the extent of the degree. For now, the information is only partial because not all features of Sisu are yet in use and Sisu does not have study register information, for example. 

The front page also shows a daily calendar view of studies. The information for this comes from choices made in the Study Calendar tab.  

Student Information

Sisu also has section for the student's own information. Access to this is from the menu in the right upper corner. The student information section has several tabs: basic information, study rights, enrolments, completed studies, applications, requests and groups.  

Sisu dropdown menu in front page view
Sisu tabs in my profile view

During the academic year 2019-2020 most of the functions in these tabs are not in use and Sisu does not contain information, for example, about study rights, studies or enrolments. This information can be found either in NettiOpsu (Central and Kauppi campus) or from POP (Hervanta).