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Exchange student’s health services and well-being

University and TAMK


Tullinkulma Student Health Care provides health care services for international students. The centre locates near Tampere railway station, address is Hammareninkatu 7, 4th floor. To see a public health nurse or a doctor you need to book an appointment.

Tullinkulma Student Health Care has three teams which consist of doctors and public health nurses:

TEAM 1: Technology, Forestry, Media, Energy and Environmental Engineering, Media and Arts
TEAM 2: Social Services, Health and Sports (except for Social Services), Tourism, Catering and Domestic Services, Nursing
TEAM 3: Music, Business Administration, Business Information Systems, Social Services, International Business, Software engineering

Appointment and guidance
Mon - Thu at 8:15 - 14:00 and Fri at 8:15 - 13:00 

Team 1: tel. +358 40 806 2454
Team 2: tel. +358 40 806 2459
Team 3: tel. +358 40 806 2455

Doctor's appointments are subject to a charge for over 18 year olds. Nurse's appointments are free of charge.

Student Health Care is closed in the evenings and on weekends, so if you need medical attention during such times, contact either a private clinic (remember the insurance) or municipal health services. If you need urgent medical attention, go to the Emergency Department Acuta, located at Tampere University Hospital. The emergency service is not free of charge, so make sure you have proper health insurance.

Health insurance also covers medical consultation in private clinics. In case of minor injuries, most private clinics are able to provide you with the assistance you require. There are many private clinics in Tampere, such as Koskiklinikka, Pirte, Terveystalo and Pihlajalinna. For up-to-date information on public health care, please go to the webpage that introduces you to social and health services provided by the City of Tampere.

If you need advice on health care, contact TAMK’s Social Counsellor: