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International student tutoring for exchange students

University and TAMK


Students´ Union Tamko will assign a student tutor to every exchange student.

Your tutor will contact you by e-mail and help you with any questions that you may have before your arrival. The tutors are also responsible for picking you up from the airport / bus station / railway station in Tampere, in helping you get your keys from the housing agency etc.

Survival Kits

Tamko and Club International Tampere (CLINT) rent Survival Kits, which contain basic facilities such as kitchen utensils and bed linen into a student flat for the exchange period. The Kit is designed to assist the foreign students to settle in their rooms.

Survival Kit, price 80 €: bread knife, bread plate, coffee mug (2), cutting board, dinner plate (2), drinking mug, (2), fork (2), frying pan, kettle, kettle lid, kitchen towel, knife (2), ladle, plastic bowl, potholder (2), soup plate (2), spatula, spoon (2), storage box, teaspoon (2), bed sheet, blanket, blanket cover, pillow and pillow case.

The price includes a deposit fee of 50 €. The deposit will be refunded after returning the whole Survival Kit unbroken and clean back to the Student Union office. If something is missing, broken or dirty when returning the Kit, the deposit will not be refunded.