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Entrepreneurship Studies and Degrees


Welcome to TAMK's entrepreneurship community at Y-Kampus! We do not attend lectures but roll up our sleeves and do.

At Y-Kampus you can implement entrepreneurship projects and studies, develop your business idea, and search for business partners. At the events, you can meet entrepreneurs, create your own networks, and have an idea of different career options. You can accrue credits in a meaningful way. Come to the Y-Kampus if you feel the itch for testing ideas and trying your wings in the real world already during the study time. We make new courageous entrepreneurs and tops for the working life.

Further information on TAMK's entrepreneurship issues, studies and guidance from the Y-Kampus.

Contact information:
Marika Vuorenmaa, 040 846 8224, or

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Entrepreneurship studies

You can find TAMK's elective entrepreneurship studies at Y-kampus. See webpage here.

Entrepreneurship degrees

Only in Finnish.

Master's Degree Programme in Entrepreneurship  (90 cr)
Only in Finnish.