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Enrolment for academic year

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Registration for academic year

To preserve your study right, you have to register for attendance or non-attendance each academic year.

If you are on extension time, registration for attendance will be made automatically for you.

Please register for the following academic year in PAKKI on 1 March – 31 May. You can change your registration for the spring semester by 30 November by contacting the study affairs coordinator.

Tuition fee paying students can not register through PAKKI. Tuition fee-paying students must pay their first installment of the tuition fee for the next year when registering

Further information can be found in the Degree Regulations.

If you are absent

You can use your network username and student email but do not have the right to complete studies. You are not entitled to student financial aid, meal subsidy, travel discounts or any benefits of the student union membership.

If you forget to register

Please, read more information ‘Did you forget registration and lose your study right?’

If you want to change your registration

From attendance to non-attendance

You may apply for change of your registration in the middle of a semester for a justified reason. Change from attendance to non-attendance requires the director of education's decision (Degree Regulations 11§). The application is delivered to the study affairs coordinator of your degree programme.

Change of registration

From non-attendance to attendance

Please notify the study affairs coordinator in your degree programme of change of registration from non-attendance to attendance.