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Assessing originality of thesis

University and TAMK



TAMK uses the Urkund plagiarism prevention software. All theses go through it. Urkund assists in finding potential plagiarism in written documents. No separate login or software installation is needed.

Operating principles of Urkund:

1. As a student you send your document to your teacher’s Urkund email address or save the thesis report to Tabula according to your supervisor’s instructions.

2. Urkund compares the document contents with different sources:

  • open internet
  • published material (online magazines and books)
  • earlier reports saved in the Urkund database.

3. The original document and a report on found citations and related sources are sent to the teacher's email address in 24 hours. The teacher evaluates if it is a question of plagiarism. TAMK’s procedures in cases of fraud are used as support in the evaluation. The teacher enters the originality check on the thesis assessment form and in the study register as agreed in the degree programme. The assessment form is archived.