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Thesis Report Guide

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Thesis Report Guide

Theses are reported in accordance with TAMK's

NB: The font used in the Tampere Universities community has been changed to Arial. The change has been updated to the thesis template and its styles. The report guide has been updated 5.11.2019.

The thesis report is written to a ready thesis template.

Language revision for thesis abstracts

Please submit your thesis to the language consultant in the Word form or some other easily editable form (not as PDF). If your thesis is written in Finnish, please submit both the Finnish and English abstracts in order to make sure the language consultant knows what you want to say in English.

Thesis Template

 (including the cover page)


If you have ready text which you want to add to the thesis template, please follow the guidelines below.

  • When you paste the text or tables, use the function PASTE SPECIAL (to be found at HOME under the icon Paste).
  • Select INSERT > OBJECT and from the opening pull-down menu TEXT FROM FILE and then search for the ready text. If you want, you can add or remove paragraph marks and other hidden characters with a shortcut icon at HOME. The characters are not printed.
  • Please note that an imported automatic table of contents may change the template settings. Thus, add the body text first and only then create the table of contents.
  • NB: The Word Online version does not support all Word features, which may have an effect on the template settings. If the text needs to be edited in pairs, it is worth doing it elsewhere and only importing the ready text into the template.

Remember to update the table of contents in the end.

  • It takes place as follows: activate the table of contents by clicking it with the right-hand mouse button and select UPDATE FIELD > UPDATE ENTIRE TABLE > OK.
  • Deletion of GLOSSARY or ABBREVIATIONS AND TERMS: Select the title and text with the mouse and click Delete.
  • You can use styles to format the text in accordance with the template settings, e.g. to change a title to body text or vice versa. The title styles are Heading 1, Heading 2, etc. The body text style is Normal.
  • Change/use of style: Select the text whose style you want to change. Select the style you want at HOME > STYLE. By moving the mouse on top of the different options you can see what the style looks like in the text. More style options can be found by clicking the key at the right bottom of STYLE.