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Maturity test and demonstration of language skills in degrees

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1. Maturity Test and Its Language 

You must, in order to graduate, write a maturity test on the field of the thesis. The thesis is to demonstrate your language and text skills needed in expert work and communication. 

The maturity test can be taken in English if you have received your school education in some language other than Finnish or Swedish or completed his/her school education abroad. As regards Finns, the language of school education is the language in which the person has completed the comprehensive school or the general upper secondary school, if the person has completed the general upper secondary school. If the person has completed a vocational upper secondary qualification, the language of school education is however determined based on the comprehensive school leaving certificate. (TAMK Degree Regulations

2. Writing the Maturity Test 

In the bachelor’s degree you write a maturity test most often as a bulletin, but an article draft is also possible. Agree with your instructor beforehand about whether you are writing a bulletin or an article draft. Master's degree students write a maturity test as a draft article, as agreed upon in each degree programme. 

The length of the bulletin is between 3,500 and 4,000 characters, including spaces. Write the text in good style with full sentences. Create the text for a wide audience. Avoid special terminology and explain the terms or abbreviations you use. The bulletin does not use pictures, patterns, tables or bullet point lists. Think about the most important results of your thesis and focus on presenting them. Note that the bulletin is not the same as the summary of the thesis. Think about what readers are interested or touching in your thesis. What's new and up to date? What is impressive? Plan your bulletin so that it presents things in order of priority. The structure and instructions for the bulletin and the article drafting guide are in attachments. 

The maturity test is most often written in the Exam Terrarium according to the instructions given in the degree programme. The response time in the exam terrarium is up to 2 h 55 min. The teacher will provide writing instructions for use in the exam. 

3. Assessment of the Maturity Test 

The thesis supervisor assesses the factual content of the maturity test. The language is assessed by the teacher of the language in question. The test is graded either approved or failed.

The grading of the language of the maturity test is based on the following criteria: 

  • Structuring (including the overall structure of the text, paragraph division, titles) 
  • Comprehensibility (including text independence, argumentation, arguments and justification, word choice) 
  • Clarity (including the structure of sentences, use of professional terms, word choices) 
  • Style (proper style) and language (including proper grammar, spelling, guideline-based layout). 

The characteristics of accepted and rejected maturity tests are described in attachment. The supervisor marks the numerical evaluation of the thesis in the study register after the maturity test and other partial studies agreed in the degree programme, including the authenticity of the text, have been approved.




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