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AVOP questionnaire

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AVOP – Gradu and feedback questionnaire asks graduating students to evaluate and provide feedback on their education. The findings are used locally by institutions to improve their institutional processes and practices and nationally to inform performance-based monitoring and funding. All graduating degree students from universities of applied sciences are requested to fill out the questionnaire (except Police University College).

Giving AVOP feedback

The feedback survey is answered at

Please log into the feedback survey through HAKA. If you have logged into the computer with TAMK username and password, select Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu in the pull-down menu (NB! Not Tampereen korkeakoulut). If you are outside TAMK network, log into the survey with TAMK username and password.

In problem situations, please contact the Study Services, opintotoimisto.tamk(at)

NB: Students need to have completed 80 % (bachelor's degrees) or 50 % (master's degrees) of the required credits before it is possible to answer to the survey.

After answering to the AVOP feedback, students are directed to an intranet site with links to the Finnish and English degree certificate application forms. If you do not fill in the degree certificate application immediately after giving the student feedback, save the link to the degree certificate application e.g. by sending it to your email. NOTE: Saving the link to the degree certificate application is the only way to fill in the application if you do not fill it right after the AVOP feedback.


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