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Retake of Courses

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Retake of Courses and Improvement of Grades

The course assessment criteria are described in detail in the course implementation plan and discussed on the first lesson of the course.

The examination or other assessed performance directly belonging to the course implementation is mainly organised during the course. Exceptional examination or completion methods are described in the specifications to the degree programme curricula. If you do not pass or do not take part in the examination, you have two retake attempts left. If you are unable to present an acceptable reason for your absence in an examination or retake, the absence is considered as fail. For example, an illness or some other compelling obstacle is considered an acceptable reason.

Retaking Exams, Improving Grades

A failed performance can be retaken twice on the days determined by the teacher. Parts of courses can only be retaken if separately agreed on with the teacher. The teacher of the course informs about the retake days in the implementation plan and at the beginning of the course. Retakes are mainly to be completed during the same academic year. If you do not pass any of the retakes, you have to re-enrol on the course and complete it as agreed on with the teacher.

You have the right to try to improve the grade of passed courses once normally in connection with the course retake examination. Passed courses cannot be recompleted. You have the right to complete a transferred course on the head of degree programme's decision.  

Retake Examination Days

As a rule, TAMK's campuses organise retake examination days every month. It is possible for the teacher to notify a different retake examination time in the course implementation plan, in which case the above-mentioned general retake examinations are not used.  

Enrolment on Retake Examinations

Please check how the retake examinations are enrolled on in your degree programme.

You must enrol on retake examinations a minimum of 10 days before the examination through Exams in PAKKI. The enrolment is binding and it is considered as participation if you do not have a justified reason for your absence. Enrolment can be cancelled at Exams in PAKKI during the enrolment period.

The retake examination classrooms can be found at the examination enrolment site in PAKKI.

Retake examination days in autumn 2019 - spring 2020

All the retake examinations are cancelled until the 1st of August. We are following situation and will inform examination days in autumn later.

Retake examination days in autumn 2020 - spring 2021

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