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Credit Transfer for Studies and Competence

Students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) may propose credit transfer based on their prior studies and competence.

Credit transfer for studies means that the student can transfer prior higher education studies to the studied degree if they meet the competence objectives of the degree programme. Any studies completed in other higher education institutions can be included in the elective studies.

Credit transfer for competence means that the student may propose competence tests to demonstrate his/her prior competence acquired through e.g. work experience, on-the-job training, courses, or hobbies. The student has to contact the teacher of the course who decides how the prior competence is identified and recognised.

The student applies for credit transfer with a separate form in the CreTa accreditation system (login to intranet required). Before applying for credit transfer, the student has to see the course descriptions in TAMK study guide and compare them with his/her prior studies or competence.

As a rule, the credit transfers and individual study plan are made at the beginning of the studies. The credit transfers are considered separately in each case. The certificate has to be scanned and enclosed to the credit transfer application. The original certificate on studies completed abroad has to be presented to the head of degree programme.

Student counsellors provide further information and counselling on credit transfer issues. If the student has plenty of studies that can be transferred, (s)he should make a personal appointment with the student counsellor already before the beginning of the studies.

Credit transfer for studies and competence and the related principles have been described in the degree regulations.


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