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Thesis publication

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Thesis publication

Before publishing your thesis, you should check that the title is spelled correctly and in the same way both on the cover page and in the abstract. You need to have your Finnish abstract and the foreign-language abstract checked by a language teacher, as defined in the degree programme. The title of the thesis given on the abstract page is entered into the transcript of records.

Primarily the thesis is saved electronically into Theseus. Theseus is a joint open internet-based library for theses made at universities of applied sciences, created to allow easier access to theses. You are responsible for saving your thesis into Theseus. If the thesis has several authors, one saves it on behalf of the others. You (students) have all copyrights to all parts of the saved thesis. If the thesis includes parts that cannot be saved to Theseus (for example a CD), deliver them to the library. Saving and publishing a thesis in Theseus requires that it has been approved and you allow it to be published. More information on submitting the thesis to the Library can be found in the Library's guide.

If you don't publish your thesis on Theseus you must supply a bound thesis to the Library. Please, print the thesis one-sided. The covers are hard, dark grey and include the text “Thesis” and Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ logo. You can purchase the covers from the Kuntokatu campus bookshop and when the shop is closed at the CampusRavita café. The machine for binding theses is located in the vicinity of the bookshop. You have to fill in the publication agreement online and submit an electronic archive copy of your thesis to the library. The description information of the printed thesis is saved into the library collection database.

You bind a sufficient number of thesis reports. The copies may be made, for example, to the commissioner, you and if separately agreed on to the supervising teacher. You pay the costs for binding your thesis.

Submitting a thesis at TAMK; Library's guide