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Professional Teacher Education -orientation


Congratulations - you are warmly welcome to start your professional teacher education studies!  


On this site you will find information for new teacher students of TAMK selected in 2020! 




  1. Accept your study place 

All students must accept or decline the offered study place. Confirm your study place by 14 April 2020 15:00 o’clock in My Studyinfo serviceTAMK usually has people on the waiting list, so please be polite and do not leave them hanging. Confirmation should be done by using the unique link sent automatically from the Studyinfo service. If you are technically unable to use the link or have trouble completing the confirmation, please contact the TAMK Admissions Services.  

  1. Register for first academic year 

All students must register for each academic year – either present or absent. Please note that first-year students can only register as absent on statutory grounds specified on our web page.

  1. Activate your TUNI-ID 

Notice that the activating of your TUNI-ID is possible just before your right to study is beginning.  

Register your Tampere Universities community username before the beginning of your studies. When you have registered for attendance and your information has been transferred to TAMK’s student register, you will receive a link to the username registration by email. The message will be sent from the address You need electronic banking personal identity codes or mobile ID to use the service. Some services do not work until your study right has begun (eg. enrolment on courses). 

More information about activating your TUNI-ID and about IT-services can be found from our web page.

  1. Make your pre-tasks before the first contact days 
  • As pre-task 1 you are asked to introduce yourself and pre-task 2 to answer some questions. 
  • Instructions for pre-tasks: You will find more detailed instructions in document 1 (DOC. 1) below and more information will be sent to you by email.
  1. Begin your studies  

The English language group has its first contact days via video conferencing on Wednesday and Thursday 13–14 May 2020 at 9.00–16.00 

  • Orientation Day Program in document 2 (DOC. 2) and online attendance instructions will be sent to you by email.
  • You are expected to attend online the first contact days in person. During the first contact days you will have an orientation to the professional teacher education studies and meet your student colleagues. You will learn to use the relevant tools and TAMK’s IT systems. 


NB! We reserve the right to make changes. Follow this page. 

A warm welcome to the start of your professional teacher education studies! 




In your studies you will be using various social media tools, video conferencing tools, and a learning platform Moodle.  You will also have access to students’ desktop PAKKI and get a TAMK email address. 

Video conferencing: A contact day takes place every second week on Monday. Contact days are either meeting in person in TAMK or via video conferencing, as advised by the teacher. Detailed instructions will be given on the first contact days. 

Moodle: The primary online learning platform that will be used during the studies is Moodle. You will be instructed on the use of Moodle during the orientation days. 

Social media: The teacher education studies will also utilize blogs and other social media tools.  




The contact days 

The contact days are scheduled approximately one day every other week (DOC. 3). You must be able to attend at least 50 % of the contact days in person on the TAMK Main Campus; the rest can also be attended via video conferencing as advised by the teacher. Attendance in person on the first two contact days is mandatory and always on a day when a module ends and another one begins. It is advisable also during the first months of studies. Please bring your own laptop with you to the contact days.

NB! Dates may change. Follow the information of your group in future. 



Curriculum 2020 is the same as curriculum 2019 (DOC. 4


Right to study 

Students who are accepted in 2020 have the right to study until 31 December 2022.  

NB! If you study according to the standard schedule the program will take 1.5 years. 


Time needed for the studies 

The extent of the professional teacher education is 60 credits, which corresponds to 1600 hours of student work.  

NB! In additional of the contact days, you also need to allocate time for independent work, study group work, and teaching practice.  


Study certificate 

If you need a certificate of your acceptance for any authorities, employers etc. you can order it by email from Study Affairs Coordinator Riitta-Liisa Mäntylä


TAMK main campus & transport and parking 

Information about TAMK main campus (address: Kuntokatu 3, Tampere, Finland), transport and parking can be found on the Main Campus Page.  


Membership of the Student Union 

TAOK’s students are welcome to join the Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ Student Union Tamko and to apply for the green student card. The card can be ordered from Tamko web page




The contents of the studies: Principal Lecturer Sisko Mällinen, tel. +358 50 5771 488 
Student administration: Study Affairs Coordinator Riitta-Liisa Mäntylä tel. +358 40 801 6252 

The email addresses at TAMK are