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Frequently Asked Questions – Coronavirus

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University and TAMK

Tampere Universities provide regular updates on the coronavirus situation by continuously updating a news piece displayed on the intranet main page.

  1. Generic email addresses for students
  2. General information 
  3. Studying
  4. International university degree students
  5. Student mobility and international internship


1. Generic email addresses for students

Who can I contact if I don´t find the answer to my question from the list of frequently asked questions below.  

  • General questions relating to the coronavirus: 
  • With questions about courses, contact the course teacher, head of competence or head of study services in the relevant faculty (contact person of the faculty-specific response team)    
  • With questions about student mobility, send an email to (Tampere University) or (TAMK)    
  • With questions about Erasmus internships, send an email to (Tampere University) or trainee exchange (TAMK)  
  • Other internships fund by university´s internship grant, send an email to the internship contact person of your degree programme/faculty or (Tampere University)
  • With questions about student information management system, send email to (Tampere University)
  • With questions about delays in study records, send email to (Tampere University)
  • With questions about practical advice for distance learning: 


2. General information

What are the symptoms of a coronavirus infection?

Symptoms among coronavirus patients include fever, coughing and shortness of breath.

What should I do if I develop respiratory symptoms?

If you are showing any symptoms of a respiratory infection, you must stay home (staff and students). If you have a fever and respiratory symptoms and suspect you may have contracted the coronavirus, call your healthcare provider by phone. They will instruct you on how to seek treatment.

Tampere University Hospital has opened a 24/7 coronavirus helpline, tel. +358 (0) 3 311 65333. A nurse will provide helpline callers with detailed instructions after determining that there is reason to suspect that the caller may have the coronavirus.      

Are the teaching facilities and other premises (cafes, restaurants, shared-use facilities) open normally? 

For now, the campus facilities will primarily remain closed. Only specifically designated persons are authorised to access the premises, or access may be granted upon separate agreement (to allow, for example, the collection of degree certificates or the taking of electronic exams). Shared spaces and break rooms will remain closed on the campuses. 

Necessary items can be collected from the campuses by agreeing in advance with info desk personnel, by email or phone. Read more.

The University will not provide additional equipment to the home offices of employees. Staff and students will have restricted access to designated printers and multi-function devices (MFDs) located on the campuses under the current exceptional circumstances. You must agree on their use in advance with the IT Helpdesk,, tel. 0294 520 500. Read more.

On the city centre and Hervanta campuses, two lecture halls with video recording equipment will be opened for restricted use this week (week 15). Booking these facilities is possible for the hours between 9-16. Contact IT-helpdesk to book them. From 6 April 2020, the shooting of educational videos, which support distance teaching, will be allowed in laboratory premises. The videos should be made in pairs and only one shooting session per laboratory is allowed in a day. Contact the Info Desk of the building where you want to shoot the video to book the facilities. The contact details of the Info Desks.

Juvenes has developed an order system to make student lunches more accessible. The meal orders are made through our ticket and sales system. Read more.

Of all our campuses, where were the coronavirus cases identified and when?  

Pirkanmaa Hospital District is responsible for communicating about confirmed cases. In all our communications, Tampere University adheres to instructions provided by the public health authorities and respects the privacy of individuals. All the latest information will be communicated through the intranet. Follow the intranet for the latest updates:

Will events be hosted on campus according to the original schedule?

The premises of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences will be closed as of 18 March. If no confirmation has been provided whether an event will take place as planned or be cancelled, we recommend you contact the event organiser to make inquiries about the possible remote attendance options.  

Will doctoral defences be hosted on campus according to the original schedule?

For the time being, doctoral defences will be organised remotely. In certain exceptional cases and for valid reasons the doctoral candidate and custos can come to the campus for the dissertation defence. When necessary, contact the Campus Assistants ( to make the arrangements. See also instructions for public defences organised via digital platforms.

Can I attend meetings off-campus?

As a rule, we avoid close contact and continue our operations remotely. The purpose of all the measures is to minimise the number of coronavirus cases. We recommend you avoid meetings organised by external persons and work remotely.   

I am returning to Finland after travelling abroad. Can I come to the campus as usual?

The premises of Tampere University and Tampere University of Applied Sciences will be temporarily closed as of 18 March. Teaching will continue to be delivered as widely as possible via digital platforms. All staff will likewise switch to teleworking on 18 March. The Finnish government has issued instructions stating that “Finns and permanent residents in Finland returning from abroad will be placed in quarantine-like conditions for two weeks”.

I am currently on a business trip/research exchange abroad. Do I have to return to Finland early?

As of 12 March, all new student/staff exchange periods and international internships will be cancelled. All students and staff who are currently on exchange abroad are recommended to return to Finland.

The Finnish government has issued the following instructions: “Tourists travelling abroad are recommended to return to Finland immediately. Finns and permanent residents in Finland returning from abroad will be placed in quarantine-like conditions for two weeks”.

Does the recommendation to work remotely apply to all staff?

All our staff will switch to teleworking as of 18 March. Only employees who perform critical functions relating to research, RDI activities, distance education or support services may work on the campuses. Supervisors will notify those employees who may continue working on campus.   

My family member has been placed in quarantine. Can I come to work?

All University employees have switched to teleworking on 18 March. Employees who perform critical functions must consult their supervisor if a person living in the same household has been quarantined.

Can I undertake a planned business trip during spring, or do I have to cancel?

All foreign travel of employees is cancelled until the end of June 2020. Travellers must cancel their own trips by sending email to the travel agent’s customer service. Please include your planned travel date in the subject field of your message to help the travel agency prioritise the processing of cancellations. For the time being, it is not possible to reserve trips for next autumn.

If you have questions, contact:

Does the “no visitors” policy apply to all individuals arriving from abroad? Should confirmed visits be cancelled?

Employees and visitors coming from abroad are advised to arrive no sooner than 1 August 2020.  Exceptions will only be made for members of teaching and research staff for special reasons. To obtain an authorisation for early arrival from Tampere University, our International Mobility Services and the Travel Team must prepare a statement, the relevant Dean must submit a proposal indicating the reasons for making an exception for consideration to the Provost, and the Provost must approve the proposal. Support measures agreed between the parties must be taken after the person arrives.  

Where can I found information to help me with general corona-related worries and uncertainty?

As news about coronavirus (COVID-19) dominate the headlines and public concern is on the rise, Mental Health Europe would like to remind that taking care of your mental health is as important as looking after your physical health. Good mental health and positive wellbeing can help you better cope with the COVID-19 threat and the uncertainty it’s creating.

Crisis helpline of MIELI Mental Help Finland (you can call the Arabic helpline in English) and Nyyti ry

I live alone and I would need help with the groceries. Who can I contact?

If you live alone and had become ill with the corona you can ask help and advice from counselling of social services when it comes to help with the groceries or you need advice in economic difficulties.


3. Studying

What should I do if my teacher becomes ill or is placed in quarantine? 

Follow the communication channels employed during the course in question.  

Will classes be held as normal in the same place and according to the original schedule?  

Teaching will primarily be delivered remotely or online. Mandatory laboratory classes may be held on the campuses as of 14 May based on a decision taken by the deans or directors of TAMK’s schools.  Otherwise the campus facilities will remain closed to students. The restrictions that apply to the completion of electronic exams in the EXAM facilities will be partially lifted, but safety precautions must be followed when taking electronic exams. 

How will students be informed of possible changes in class schedules or cancelled classes?

Follow the communication channels employed during your courses. The primary source of information on individual courses is the course-specific Moodle area. 

What are the effects of the exceptional situation caused by the corona virus to graduation?

Graduation is possible also between 18 March – 13 May 2020. During this time period degree certificates cannot be collected from the Student Affairs Office. Copy of a degree certificate will be delivered by email. In addition, the authenticity of the degree certificate can be verified through “Koski” service. The paper version of the degree certificate will be delivered later.

Graduates will be able to collect their degree certificates during separately announced times from Tampere University as of 1 June and from TAMK as of 18 May.

The physical graduation ceremonies scheduled to take place this spring have been cancelled. Tampere Universities are considering alternative options to celebrate our graduates, for example, through remote connections.

Can examinations still be taken electronically? / What measures will be taken to protect students attending mass lectures/exams? ​

Organising mass exams or other exams that require physical presence is not allowed on Tampere University campuses during this semester. The assessment of student performance will be carried out by putting in place alternative arrangements. Course-specific information will be provided by teachers. The restrictions that apply to the completion of electronic exams in the EXAM facilities will be partially lifted, but safety precautions must be followed when taking electronic exams. 

Temporary maturity test arrangements continue until 31 July 2020. In the spring semester, students must submit their maturity test for language examination by 27 May 2020. During the period from 28 May to 31 July 2020, students can submit their maturity test for language examination, but it will not be assessed until the beginning of the autumn semester. The information has been updated on Student’s Guide.

Information about examinations at TAMK will be provided separately. Follow the communications channels employed during your course​.

How do I submit the application 'Extension to Complete the Degree' in spring 2020 (Tampere University)?

In the spring semester 2020, submit the application 'Extension to Complete the Degree' by e-mail to your faculty/degree program. If the right to study expires at the end of the spring semester (31 July), the application must be submitted by 30 April. Instructions and application forms can be found on Student's Guide “Time limit for degree completion”.

What tools and software are used to provide remote teaching? Where can I find more instructions?

Instructions for both teachers and students are available in the IT handbookA chat will open for questions regarding distance learning and exams for students of TAMK and TAU starting from Monday 27.4. In the new Frequently asked questions about distance learning and exams page you can find answers to the most common questions and chat with a study counsellor to ask general and technical questions that you cannot find answers for. Please follow these links to TAMK ja TAU's handbooks.

Where can I found the contact information of guidance and counselling services in faculties?

The contact information of guidance and counselling services in faculties are listed to the Student's guide section "planning studies and guidance" (Tampere University).

Are university-wide academic guidance and counselling services available normally?

The University-wide guidance and counselling services are available remotely to all students regardless of their home faculty (student counsellor, study psychologist, career counsellor). Contact at,,

Appointment to the student counsellor of Hervanta can also be made through Bookings.

I have sent a document to the contact person of my faculty by post, is there anyone to read it?

An attempt is to manage all services remotely as far as possible. If you have sent a document by post to the contact person of your faculty/your degree programme, inform the person in question also by e-mail (please use e-mails). There can be delays in the handling of the post.

How does the Corona situation affect Tampere University student internships?

If your internship will be broken off or that it cannot start because of the current situation, we recommend you to discuss with your employer the possibility of changing the timing of the internship or the way in which the internship is realized. Those that are currently doing internships in Finland, are advised to follow the instructions as given by their employers. More information on internships news.

Can I still borrow books from library or use other services of library?

In spite of the closing of the library premises, all of the library's online services will continue to function normally. In order to ensure a smooth course of studies, access to printed course literature is guaranteed. More pick-up points are to be opened at the library’s branches. More information can be found on the website of the library.

What does quarantine mean for students living in shared accommodation?

Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS) will provide more information about quarantining students living in shared accommodation. ​

Should I contact the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) if I am showing symptoms of a respiratory infection? ​

If you suspect you may have the coronavirus, stay home and contact your healthcare provider by phone. Tampere University Hospital has opened a 24/7 coronavirus helpline, tel. +358 (0) 3 311 65333.

What are the the effects of the exceptional situation caused by the corona virus to student financial aid?

The provisions regarding student financial aid make it possible to take into account the exceptional situation caused by the corona virus in the maximum periods of payment of student financial aid and when monitoring sufficient study progress. Information about other effects will be provided later. More information on website of Kela.

If I have been traveling abroad, can I come to the campus to continue my studies as usual?

Universities’ premises will be closed and contact teaching will be discontinued on 18 March. All teaching at Tampere University (faculties, Language Centre, Open University) will be delivered remotely as of Monday 16 March.


4. International university degree students

I am studying on a scholarship and I am afraid I will not be able to meet the requirements for retaining my scholarship for next year due to changes in my courses. Will I lose my scholarship?

You will not lose your scholarship if the reason for not meeting the requirements for continuing your scholarship or being eligible for the fifth semester scholarship is delays or cancellations in your studies taking place due to COVID-19. Up-to-date information and instructions on scholarships will be updated in the Student’s Guide.

I heard exchange students have been advised to return to their home countries and continue studies remotely from there. I am a degree student at Tampere University. Does this recommendation apply to me?

This recommendation only applies to exchange students and you may naturally continue your studies in Tampere. Should you wish to travel home, it may be possible for you to continue studies there remotely provided you have a functional internet connection. Please note that travelling back to Finland once on-campus teaching resumes may be difficult due to travel restrictions both in Finland and in other countries. Also note that residence permit applications are currently not processed in Finnish embassies which will delay your return to Finland should your residence permit expire while you are outside Finland.

For all degree students, including international degree students, it is important to follow the instructions given to all students online and through the teaching platforms used in courses. Up-to-date information on residence permits is available at the Migri website.


Information for new degree students:

I have applied on the final year of my Bachelor’s degree and will soon complete my studies. I am afraid I will not able to submit the final educational documents as required as my university is closed.

Students selected on the final year of their Bachelor’s degree should graduate by 31 July 2020 at the latest and deliver officially certified or legalized copies of the Bachelor’s degree certificate and final transcript of records and the official translations of the documents by post to Tampere University Admissions Office so that they arrive by 14 August 2020 (according to country-specific requirements if applicable). If you have trouble meeting the requirements, please contact Admissions Office, with detailed information on your situation and we will see your case for specific advice.

Are there any changes on the deadlines of early bird scholarship or tuition fees?

The deadlines have not been changed. However, if you have problems with making the payment in time due to restrictions caused by COVID-19, please contact our Student Affairs Office at If you take advantage of the early bird scholarship but for any reason are not able to start your studies this autumn, the tuition fee you have already paid will be refunded. Please see updated and more detailed information on tuition fees and scholarships in the new student’s guide through these links: Tuition fees and Scholarships for new students.

Finland has suspended the reception and processing of new residence permits, what should I do?  

(updated 27.3.) You can start your application process at Enter Finland online service, but it will not be accepted for processing at this moment. Please check that you have all the necessary attachments and information before you begin, fill in the application form carefully and accurately and attach all the required documents. This will help the Immigration service when they will process your application later.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland will inform once you can book a time for identification. Please book your time as soon as possible.

Please be patient and make sure that you follow the latest information from Finnish Immigration Services ( and the bulletins from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( for update information on the situation.

Please note that it is not possible for the University to assist individual students on their residence permit process.

What if I am unable to receive a residence permit before the studies start?

(Updated 27.4.) Your studies at Tampere University will officially begin with a Welcome Week from 17 August to 21 August 2020. However, we are considering all options for starting the semester in August and developing flexible ways of starting studies should you be unable to travel to Tampere before the start of the semester. We will inform all selected students as soon as we have more detailed information on the flexible study options available.

NB! Degree programmes have different practices, you will always receive relevant information from your own degree programme!

The University follows all national guidelines and measures set by Finland’s government. We will keep the selected students informed in case we need to change these dates or procedures due to COVID-19.

Will the studies start in August?

(updated 27.4.) The University follows all national guidelines and measures set by Finland’s government. At the moment, Finland’s government has announced that the measures concerning the state of emergency will be in place until 13 May 2020.

Tampere University is doing its best to ensure that all selected students are able to start their studies in autumn 2020. We are considering all options for starting the semester in August and developing flexible ways of starting studies should you be unable to travel to Tampere before the start of the semester. We will keep the selected students informed in case we need to change the procedures due to COVID-19.


5. Student mobility and international internship

How will the coronavirus outbreak affect student mobility and international internships?

The coronavirus outbreak may lead to the suspension of in-person classes or the temporary closure of universities. Some universities have announced that they will switch to online learning during a temporary closure.

Please be aware that the local public health authorities and host universities may place asymptomatic incoming students who are travelling from abroad in a 14-day quarantine or make changes to housing arrangements to prevent the spread of the virus.  

Our outgoing exchange students are offered the opportunity to return to Finland or suspend their exchange. We offer additional support to outgoing exchange students who are currently placed in quarantine abroad. All exchange students have been contacted.

Outgoing exchange students who suspend their exchange will arrange their own return flights. If you suspend your exchange, you must immediately notify the International Mobility Services (Tampere University) or (TAMK) and your host university.

If you have personally arranged your exchange/internship or if your exchange/internship programme is administered by an external organisation, contact the organisation and your host and follow the instructions provided. 

Students cannot go on internships or courses abroad at least until 30 June 2020.

When am I entitled to cancel return early from my exchange/internship?

You have the right to cancel or return early from your exchange/internship. You must immediately send an email to or You can continue the studies of your host university remotely from Finland if possible.

How will cancelling my exchange or early return affect my grant?

Tampere University students:

Following our recent recommendation to return to Finland and your possible early return or cancelled exchange / internship abroad, please be aware that you are responsible for making a claim and ask for refunds under your travel insurance. Once you have completed a claim to your insurance company, you are eligible to apply for a travel grant refund through the force majeure procedure. The force majeure statement must be made, even if you continue your exchange studies remotely in Finland. The instructions on how to make the statement have been sent to the tuni-email addresses of students in question. The instructions include the statement form and insurance claims. The form and all the required documents must be sent to by 15 April 2020.

If your exchange studies or internship already started when you had to return to Finland, you are eligible to keep the amount of your travel grant according to your true expenses and your statement of expenses. If no expenses occurred, you must pay back your travel grant back to the university.

The limit for refunds is 500 euros, if your claim exceeds the travel grant you have received. We would also like to ask you to submit your travel report in Mobility-Online. More information on the travel report can be found from the page Returning from student exchange.

Tampere University of Applied Sciences students:

TAMK will inform students separately. If you want to cancel your exchange or return early from your exchange contact

I have been selected to go on Erasmus+ exchange/internship in the 2020 autumn semester. How will the coronavirus outbreak affect my plans?

We are actively monitoring the coronavirus situation. Estimating what the infection rates and affected areas will be in autumn 2020 is not possible at this stage. Students selected to go on exchange in the academic year 2020/21: You have the option to cancel or try to postpone your exchange period. If you want to postpone your exchange to the 2021 spring semester, you must make immediate inquiries by contacting your exchange coordinator at Tampere University or Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

The preparations for exchange in autumn 2020 will continue normally and the given deadlines to submit exchange documents apply. If the information changes the students will be informed personally. 

What should I do if I am going on exchange or am currently on exchange?

Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs publishes travel advice (in Finnish).

Please visit the intranet to keep up to date with the latest news posted by Tampere Universities:

For the latest news, follow the website (Coronavirus COVID-19 – Latest Updates), maintained by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and the instructions provided by your host university, the local public health authorities and the Finnish embassy.

Check that your travel insurance coverage is sufficiently broad.  When you are booking flights, consider the cancellation policy of the airline.

Submit a travel notification: In the event of an emergency, travel notifications enable Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs to identify persons travelling in a high-risk area.

 You can send questions about travel safety to the Ministry’s online consul service.

Washing your hands regularly with soap is the most effective form of infection control.

What if I become ill during my exchange?

Follow the instructions provided by local public health authorities. Contact your insurance company to inquire about the recommended health clinics. If necessary, seek medical care.

I have suspended my exchange or my exchange has been cancelled. What can I study in spring?

The instructions are given by your study coordinator/academic officer. You can continue your studies of your host university if there is a remote option or take part to the teaching remotely at Tampere University.

I am returning to Finland. Can I return directly to my shared apartment of TOAS?

TOAS has informed that tenants returning abroad are not allowed to enter shared apartments for a period of 14 days after their return. The ones arriving are requested to stay primarily with the relatives or acquaintances for two weeks. In a difficult situation contact us at

Can I join courses of Tampere University remotely if I am abroad?

Distance studies can be arranged from abroad if you have a functional network connection. Information on e-books can be found on e-book guide

Exchange students at Tampere University: I wish to return early to my home country. What should I take into consideration at Tampere University?

The International Mobility Services now strongly recommends you to return to your home country and continue your studies at Tampere University remotely. Please see more information on Student´s Guide.