NGS & Sanger Sequencing

NGS & Sanger Sequencing

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NGS & Sanger Sequencing


Sanger sequencing

Sequencing facility at Kauppi campus is situated in Arvo building 2nd floor, room E215, and it houses Applied Biosystems 3500xL Genetic Analyzer run by a core technician. ABI 3500xL is a 24-capillary instrument capable for running 2 x 96 samples (sequencing or fragment analysis) at a time.

The instrument is operated by the sequencing core staff who will run your ready-made reactions. Our service routinely delivers the results in 24 hours of samples left from Monday to Thursday, provided that the samples with sample list are delivered to sequencing service by 14:30. Results of samples left on Friday afternoon by 14:30 will be ready next Monday morning. In case of any delays we will contact you by email.

At the first time our customer (research group) gets a password protected domain where the results are saved for one month. Be sure to collect your data during that time.

The service is run-only with auto-analysis of raw data from ready-made samples. We recommend usage of ABI BigDye™ v3.1 Chemistry (Sanger sequencing) starting with the manufacturers protocol. Please note that only 0.2 ml MicroAmp™ 8-Tube Strips and 0.2 ml MicroAmp™ Optical 96-Well Reaction Plates can be used in ABI 3500xL.


Illumina MiSeq sequencer for targeted and small genome sequencing is located in Arvo building 2ndfloor, room E215. The system enables a broad range of applications, from targeted gene sequencing to metagenomics, small genome sequencing, targeted gene expression analysis, and more. Customers prepare the sample libraries and order all the reagents for the instrument by themselves. The instrument is run by facility technician, or by customer after user training provided by the core personnel. The data can be transferred from the MiSeq by BaseSpace or picked directly from the instrument.

Booking system for the instrument: (MiSeq). All information about the run is also written down to the logfile next to the instrument.

Read more about the instrument from the manufacturers web site:

For more information about the applications and prices, please contact Illumina’s Finnish Territory Account Manager Per Svensson (Cell: +46 793 415 959, E-mail: psvensson [at]


All the users of the NGS & Sanger Sequencing facility services are obligated to acknowledge the facility in publications:

“The authors acknowledge the Tampere facility of NGS & Sanger Sequencing for their service.”

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