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The area of Vocational Education and Training, as well as the working life in our communities, is changing rapidly globally. The partner countries of this project are sharing the same challenges around VET; the early withdrawal of students on programmes, employment challenges of the students with fewer opportunities and rapidly changing future and demands of the working life sector. Through the sharing of ideas and strategies on how to solve these problems internationally provides all partners more options when we scrutinize the challenges from different cultural perspectives. Working across the international framework will also take forward the equalization of the VET in Europe.

The project aims  are to tighten and strengthen partnership with working life , align working life based thinking to the curricula and the everyday school/college life. There is also an objective to clear the special needs students apprenticeship process. Benchmarking the other countries practices this changing situation is giving each partner new tools to their development process. The new approaches to  employment and apprenticeships  is an opening for all involved to review their approaches to national changes and for staff to develop new perspectives and methods to support student achievement and success. Also the idea is to have a clear the process for the practical training and apprenticeship as well as new methods of guidance and coaching the practical training. 
During project partners prepare four training events and four blended mobilities.  

Project target group:

I-VET learners, especially SEN learners;
Teachers and professionals working with young people;
Educators and school professionals;
Working life cooperating bodies.


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