Harvesting with Marteloscope Methodology in a European Ring (HAMMER)

The HAMMER project has two main objectives: 1) an educational objective (agriculture and forestry students); 2) an information and/or training objective destinated to other  partners of the forestry sector.

Tavoite ja tehtävät

The project involves the construction of a platform called HAMMER, based on digitized martelocopes, an educational tool dedicated to learners in forestry education (general education, lifelong training, apprenticeship, professionals).

The marteloscope is a forest plot on which all the trees are inventoried and numbered. While covering the plot, the forest operator carries out a simulation of a cutting decision so called « tree marking » by writing down the number of the trees he chooses to cut down depending on his own selection criteria or on contract documents (compulsory specifications). This operation is then entered onto a computer programme which enables the user to see the consequences on the plot and even process and analyze the data through different aspects


Erasmus + Strategiset kumppanuudet (2014-2020)

Koordinoiva organisaatio

Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu (TAMK)


Ari Vanamo
ari.vanamo [at]