Future Mathematics

Project aims to improve the efficiency, accessibility and quality of mathematics teaching and learning on European level which, in fact, is one of the four common objectives of EU's Strategic Framework of Education and Training 2020. The project addresses the objectives of the programme by bringing modern methods, pedagogical approaches and technological innovations for engineering mathematics learning into a same place. The innovative character of engineering Mathematics Learning Platform (MLP) resides in the fact that never before has a comprehensive framework for mathematics learning and teaching been created where the best practices and technological innovations would have been brought into same place and made easy to access.

Tavoite ja tehtävät

Mathematics plays one of the most important roles in developments of our modern and technology-centered society. Mathematical skills are a prerequisite in technical studies and mathematics lay the basis for understanding different engineering disciplines.

FutureMath project aims to enhance and improve the quality of engineering mathematics' learning in HEIs by bringing the modern learning and teaching methods, pedagogical approaches and technological innovations into same place. In other words, the project aims to better exploit the potential of ICT in engineering mathematics learning, to respond to the requirements of modern society and to explore and develop the most motivational, learner centered methods, techniques and materials for engineering mathematics' learning that utilize ubiquitous technology and respect personalized learning. The overall result of the project will be the comprehensive framework for mathematics learning that respects the 21st century skills. Thus i.e. a repository of good practices and resources for mathematics teaching and learning will be constructed in European level especially with the help of technology.
With these actions it is hope not only to increase completion rates and to support the graduation process of students but also to improve the quality and relevance of engineering education, which in fact are one of the key issues of European Commission's agenda for the modernization of Europe's higher education system.

The project consortium consists of four university partner. Each project partner has a tailor-made role in the project. The project consortium consists of two teams: team mathematics and team technology.  In a nutshell, team mathematics is mostly responsible about the developments related to the mathematics (assessment, pedagogy, production of learning resources etc.), whereas team technology is responsible about the technical innovation and implementations.

All the learning resources developed in the project will be made available for free under the idea of Open Source or Open Educational Resource (OER).


Erasmus + Strategiset kumppanuudet (2014-2020)


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