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VFX Artist for Audiovisual Productions - Specialisation Education

Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu


30 credit points


12.10.2022 – 6.10.2023




500€ (alv 0 %)


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Etäopetus, Lähiopetus

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The first VFX Specialisation Education in Finland starts in the Autumn 2022!

This Specialisation Education will help you strengthen your ability to work in international and domestic productions using VFX industry standard techniques and tools especially in compositing. TAMK, Metropolia and domestic industry’s top professionals are involved in the implementation of the VFX Specialisation Education.

Description and objectives

The objective of the specialisation education is to develop competencies in the field of visual effects, VFX, for advancing the competitiveness and growth of the Finnish audiovisual industry.  The initiative for the education comes from the audiovisual sector and is triggered by the increased number of international and national VFX productions. The goal is to educate professionals who know the pipeline and work methods of visual effect productions, can work as VFX artists in audiovisual productions and can further develop their knowledge and skills in the international work environment. According to the working life partners, the training should start quickly so that Finland's VFX sector becomes an internationally competitive expertise field.

Target group

The target group is professionals who work in the audiovisual industry, game industry, or in some other media field and whose prior work experience and competencies support building the VFX artist career in the specialisation education. The education is targeted to professionals holding Bachelor’s Degree in Culture and Arts or some other applicable degree or to professionals that a higher education institution recognizes to have sufficient knowledge and capabilities for the studies.

Students develop intentionally their knowledge and skills in some VFX specialisation field by  planning and executing a project work and creating a personal VFX showreel.


Teaching takes place on average one to two times a week every other week, excluding summer and Christmas holidays. About 70% of the teaching is contact teaching at TAMK (Mediapolis and Paidia) or visits to companies. About 30% of teaching days is distance teaching.  Independent work takes you about one to two days a week, which is around 60% of the whole Specialisation Education.

Teaching in 2022 (from 9 to 16 o’clock):

12.-13.10. contact teaching
27.-28.10. contact teaching
4.11. distance teaching
10.-11.11. contact teaching
25.11. distance teaching
1.-2.12. contact teaching
16.12. distance teaching

Teaching days in 2023:

12.-13.1. contact teaching
26.-27.1. contact teaching
9.-10.2. contact teaching
23.-24.2. contact teaching
9.-10.3. distance teaching
23.-24.3. contact teaching
30.-31.3. distance teaching
13.-14.4. contact teaching
20.-21.4. distance teaching
27.-28.4. contact teaching
11.-12.5. contact teaching
25.-26.5. distance teaching
1.-2.6. contact teaching
9.6. distance teaching
15.-16.6. contact teaching
10.-11.8. contact teaching
17.-18.8. contact teaching
31.8-1.9. distance teaching
14.-15.9. distance teaching
28.-29.9. contact teaching

Please note that teaching days are subject to change.

The main sections and the learning outcomes are as follows: