Degree programme

Teacher Education


Educating for a sustainable future

The programme welcomes teachers interested in further developing and deepening their professional competencies and contributing to building better educational contexts.

This programme is based on an in-depth expertise gained in Finland and a substantial research-based perspective, which will allow the students to develop both individual and collegial knowledge about the school community.

This Master's programme focuses on research on teaching and learning, inclusive education, curriculum studies, as well as leadership in educational organisations, and evaluation and quality in education. To enrich the studies, this programme also offers the possibility for students to choose from a variety of optional courses offered by the Faculty of Education as well as other faculties at Tampere University.

The graduates of this programme will have acquired an extensive understanding of the relationships between learning, teaching and curriculum, and tools for building effective learning environments. They are able to practise as expert teachers, mentors or organisers of learning who have the abilities to develop innovative educational practices and curricula. As high-quality trained professionals, graduates will also be able to work as educational consultants in various institutional contexts locally, nationally and globally. Welcome to take the opportunity for an inspiring adventure!

Degree earned

Master of Arts (Education)


Master's degree

Planned duration

2 years

Extent of studies

120 ECTS




Central Campus

Tuition fee for non-EU/EEA citizens

10 000 €

Study objectives

Teachers and experts who have completed the Master´s Degree Programme in Teacher Education will

  • have an extensive understanding of societal and global conditions for learning and education
  • be thoroughly aware of their importance as educators, i.e. as individuals with pedagogical power and influence in society
  • be capable of making well-grounded ethical choices in their professional roles
  • be capable of presenting valid arguments in the debate on education and educational policy and defending educational values
  • be able to develop their work on the basis of research in multicultural environments.

More about the language of instruction

The language of the programme is English.

Study contents

The programme consists of versatile core studies in inclusive education, curriculum studies, evaluation of teaching, learning and education, and in leadership in educational organisations.

In addition, the students are offered thorough studies on quantitative and qualitative research methods and practices. They also have the possibility to include optional studies from other fields of science into their degree.

The programme highlights first-hand experience of the Finnish school with classroom observation, and high-quality thesis supervision by professionals with expertise in research, teacher training and teaching at school.

The intensive collaboration between the Faculty of Education and the Teacher Training School of Tampere University provides our students with an indispensable knowledge of the integration of theory and practice in education.

Tuition fees

The tuition fee of the programme is 10 000 euros per academic year for non-EU/EEA students with a scholarship system for fee-paying students. For more information, please see Tuition Fees and Scholarships.

Structure of studies

For more information, please see the Curriculum.

Career opportunities

The programme gives competencies to develop curricula, learning environments, instruction and schools. Its focus is on the development of well-being of the school community, quality of learning, and research-based teaching. It gives insight and competencies to utilise the best elements of the Finnish education system in various cultural contexts.

Graduates are also able to work as mentors, and organisers and developers of learning. They have the qualifications to develop innovative educational practices, curricula, and schools, and build better opportunities for children and youth.

The programme is designed for qualified teachers who wish to expand their professional expertise. It does not lead to a teaching qualification in any country.

Co-operation with other parties

In addition to studies in one’s own degree programme, students may take full advantage of the teaching offered by the Tampere higher education community ranging from technical to vocational studies in various fields.

Postgraduate study opportunities

The degree also qualifies you to continue your studies at the doctoral level, for example in TUNI’s Doctoral Programme in Education and Society.

Carefully read through the general eligibility criteria and the programme-specific eligibility criteria and see whether you meet them. For additional questions on applying, application documents and application process, please contact our Admissions office. For questions regarding the content of the programme, please contact Ms. Sari Hyttinen, sari.hyttinen@uta.fi.

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Tampere university master's programme application period 2019
4 December 2018 - 23 January 2019

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility criteria in the Master's degree programmes consist of two parts: Tampere University's general eligibility criteria, and programme-specific eligibility criteria, which specify and/or add information to the general criteria. You must meet both to be considered eligible. Applicants who do not meet both the general eligibility and the programme-specific eligibility criteria will not be selected.

General eligibility criteria:

To be eligible to apply to a Master’s degree programme at Tampere University, you must have

  • a completed university level Bachelor's degree or equivalent in the field of the desired Master's degree programme or in a closely related subject AND
  • a good command of English for academic purposes. For more information, please see Language requirements.

A Bachelor’s degree completed in a university outside Finland must provide eligibility to university-level master’s degree studies in the country in question.


Programme-specific eligibility criteria

To be eligible to apply to the Master’s Degree Programme in Teacher Education, you must have:

  1. a university level Bachelor’s degree in Education or teaching which includes teaching practice, OR
  2. a university level Bachelor’s degree in any other field accompanied by a formal teaching qualification (certified teacher) in the country where the Bachelor’s degree certificate was issued, OR
  3. in case you lack a formal teaching qualification: one year of full-time teaching experience, and an additional special course during your studies in the programme at Tampere University.


The number of eligible applicants annually exceeds the number of students that can be accepted. The student selection is made by an admissions committee on the basis of the academic qualifications and merits shown in the application documents. Please note that not all eligible applicants can be admitted.

Applicants who are in the final year year of their Bachelor's degree

You are eligible to apply in the final year of your Bachelor’s degree if the degree will be completed and you are able to send an officially certified copy of the degree certificate and final transcript of records by post by the given deadline (around end of July, exact date to be given later). In this case, you can be admitted to a Master's programme conditionally. If you do not submit an officially certified copy of your degree certificate to Tampere University by the given deadline, your conditional admission will expire.

Language skill requirements

Language requirements

You must submit evidence on a good command of English for academic purposes. There are two ways of indicating English language proficiency: language tests and previous studies.

English language tests

The minimum English language test result requirements:

IELTS Academic


PTE Academic



iBT: 92

paper-based: 580


C1 Advanced/CAE: C
C2 Proficiency/CPE: Level C1

Previous studies

In all Tampere University Master’s programmes it is possible to be exempted from submitting a language test score if you have completed certain studies.

In the Tampere University Master’s programmes it is possible to be exempted from submitting a language test score if you completed your secondary education and/or have taken a higher education degree in English in Finland or other EU/EEA country, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, or the United States. You must have resided in the country while studying.

In the Master's programme in Teacher Education, also the following studies exempt you from submitting a language test score. Please note that you may fit into several of the categories. Please choose the one you feel is most appropriate.

  • A Bachelor’s degree completed in a Finnish university or university of applied sciences in Finnish or Swedish. The compulsory foreign language course included in the degree must be completed in the English language.

Please note that in addition to assessing your previous studies in terms of eligibility, we assess them also to determine the level of your English skills based on the grades. If you feel your grades do not give the right impression of your English skills, we strongly recommend that you take a language test to indicate your proficiency in English.

More information on language requirements.


A maximum of 30 students are admitted into the programme.

Admission procedure

Students are selected to the programme from those applicants who fulfil the official eligibility criteria. Candidates for admission should be well qualified and capable of benefiting from the study programme in question.

The student selection is made by an admission committee on the basis of the academic qualifications and merits shown in the application documents. Please note that not all applicants fulfilling the requirements can be admitted.

How to apply

Application step-by-step

  1. Check the admission criteria
  2. Start preparing your application documents as early as possible!
  3. If required book a time for the language test
  4. Fill in the online application at Studyinfo.fi during the application period and upload required enclosures for the application
  5. Send the officially certified copies of your educational documents by post to Tampere University Admissions Office by 30 January 2019. The documents must reach the University by the given deadline.
  6. Wait for the admission results
  7. Accept the offer of admission by the given deadline
  8. Pay the tuition fee, if required
  9. Register as a student and join the Tampere University community!


Application process in detail

Select the Master's degree programme you wish to apply to. Carefully read through the general eligibility criteria and programme-specific eligibility criteria and see whether you meet them. Applicants who do not meet the general and programme-specific eligiblity criteria will not be selected.

Check which application documents you are required to submit and make sure to obtain them in time. Remember to check if there are any country-specific requirements for your documents. Please note that some documents may be required to be sent separately by a third party. Make sure also these documents are delivered in time.

When applying to the Master’s programmes you usually must demonstrate your proficiency in English with an internationally recognised academic language test report. We advise all 2019 applicants needing an international language test score to book for a test date well in advance, as test dates are filling up fast in the autumn and it may take several weeks for the test result to reach Tampere University.

Application documents

Online application form

The online application form will be available during the application period only at Studyinfo.fi. The application period starts 4 December 2018 at 8 am (GMT +2) and ends 23 January 2019 at 3 pm (GMT +2).


Required enclosures

Some application enclosures are the same in all Tampere University Master’s programmes while some are programme-specific. There are seven Tampere University general application enclosures.

You will need to upload all application documents online at Studyinfo.fi. In addition to uploading the application documents on the application, you must submit the officially certified copies of your educational documents to Tampere University Admissions Office by post. You must send the educational documents by post to Tampere University Admissions Office so that they arrive by 30 January 2019.

You can find the list of the required enclosures and further instructions on the Application documents webpage.

Please give the name, organisation, position and contact information including e-mail address for two academic/professional persons who can provide recommendations. If needed, we may contact them.

In addition to the seven Tampere University general application enclosures, for the Master's programme in Teacher Education you also need to submit:

8. Documentation of your teaching qualification or teaching experience. Unless you have a Bachelor's degree in Education or teaching which includes teacher practice (practice teaching), you must submit an officially certified copy of your formal teaching qualification certificate or a description of the content of your formal teaching qualification including a link to a website where this information can be verified (university, ministry, etc.), OR an officially certified copy of an official proof of employment of at least one year of full-time teaching. If the document has been issued in a language other than English, Finnish or Swedish, an official translation to one of these languages is required.


Country-specific requirements for application documents

Applicants whose degrees have been awarded in certain countries need to pay special attention to the documentation before submitting it. In addition to the standard document requirements, educational documents from certain countries must be submitted in a particular way. Note that the degree awarding country may be a different one from the country where the studies are taken. These country-specific requirements must always be followed first and foremost, prior to any regular requirements for attesting documents.

More information on the country-specific requirements for educational documents.

Waiting list procedure


Admission results and appeals

Admissions results will be announced by early April 2019. All applicants will be informed about the admissions results.

Please see Tampere University's general instructions concerning rectification procedure.