Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

Does your work involve complex environments or systems by which your company creates value to its customers? This training provides a perspective on the disciplines of Systems Engineering and helps you to develop your systems and keep your customers satisfied. The training focuses on modelling and designing systems with a flavor of simulation. It provides you more understanding on how complex systems are designed and developed, and how to keep systems effective for their whole life cycle. The capability to highlight systems’ complexity will help you to convey information to others and make decision-making easier.

Why participate?

This course is all about making and mastering methods and processes for successfully developing systems and keeping your customers satisfied. In this training you will:

  • Get a toolkit to analyse and improve your systems’ development process
  • Learn to analyse and simulate your system by developing different points of view
  • Learn ways to hghlight systems’ complexity and to manage it
  • Learn new methods, tools and ways of thinking
  • Network with others and engage in peer learning
  • Learn ways to highlight causalities and internal systems’ contradictions
  • Learn to visualize systems and processes.

Emphasis will be given to key concepts and tasks such as:

  • gathering, refining, modeling and management of design requirements,
  • system architecture design,
  • search for internal and external contradictions,
  • simulation and evaluation of systems design.