Nordic master programme in Innovative Governance and Public Management


International experts facilitating societal co-operation and innovation

NORDIG offers a unique learning environment enabling students to create smart solutions and obtain sustainable learning outcomes in the field of public administration and management.

NORDIG’s curriculum adds a truly Nordic dimension to studies on public administration and public policy. The students will study at three Nordic universities: Tampere University, University of Agder (Norway) and KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden). The students will be equipped with knowledge on public administration, management, innovations, and the dynamics of learning organisations. As a part of their studies, students will do a project in the OpenLab environment at KTH. NORDIG educates international experts who profoundly understand

  • the dynamics of public-private partnerships and knowledge-intensive professional work
  • public interests and values as well as the impact of public services and policies on citizens, organisations and the society at large
  • complex networks, service production, and value chains.

These skills and competence are particularly relevant given the changing nature of the public and private sectors, such as the blurring of the boundaries between the two, the pressure to swiftly respond to societal demands, and the enormous socio-economic and political challenges European societies will face in the years to come.