Teatteri Frenckell

Global Society - Comparative Social Policy and Welfare

Teatteri Frenckell

Knowledge on society. Expertise on policy. Competence in research.

A joint approach by two European universities to contemporary societies and social issues.

The Master's Degree Programme in Comparative Social Policy and Welfare (COSOPO) provides an interdisciplinary approach to contemporary societies in Europe and facilitates understanding social policy and welfare issues in global, national and local contexts. In this programme, you are able to develop skills for understanding and analysing the development of societies and for engaging with sustainable welfare and policy solutions.

Our graduates work around the world for national and local governments, private companies, non-governmental organisations, and academia. During the studies, you will learn the dynamics of social policy in countries that represent different welfare models and may choose a specialisation based on your interest in some area of social policy. You will concentrate on comparative designs and practise qualitative and quantitative policy analysis. As a part of the studies, you may improve your future employment prospects by gaining work experience as a trainee or doing voluntary work for three months.

During your studies in the COSOPO programme, you will get experience from two European universities as the programme is jointly organized by Tampere University (Finland) and Johannes Kepler University Linz (Austria). The programme combines contact teaching with online learning which means that you will be able to work together with the students and teachers of both universities during intensive 1-2 week periods of teaching each semester and during the rest of the academic year you will be studying on-line which allows you to flexibly plan your schedule.