Deepen your knowledge and skills related to genetics and genomic counselling.
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Genetic and Genomic Counselling Studies, 25 credits

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25 cr






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Genetic counselling studies

Deepen your knowledge and skills related to genetics and genomic counselling. Achieve the ability to implement guidance tailored to the individual needs of clients.

After completing the programme, you will be able to promote high standards of practice, encourage professional growth and increase public awareness of genetic counselling. You will understand comprehensive and highly specialised concepts, methods and knowledge corresponding to the specialised competence in genetics and genomics, which are used as the basis for independent thinking and research.

We offer the global perspective to integrate the competence of a registered nurse, public health nurse, midwife or a biomedical laboratory scientist or other suitable health and welfare professionals to the genetic-genomic area, like clinical laboratory geneticists . When professionals working in the field on genetics and genomics are to deliver safe, quality care, they need to be able to demonstrate competence in genetics-genomics as it applies to their practice specialty. You will have the ability to integrate knowledge and handle complexity, formulate judgments with incomplete or limited information, always reflecting on social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of this knowledge.