DNA helix

Genetic and Genomic Counselling

Roadmap for responsible use of genome

Genomic data is an example of big data that will significantly change the way healthcare in proceeding in the future. TAMK is involved in creating new capabilities and opportunities to innovate healthcare globally. The public will increasingly expect that registered nurses, public health nurses, midwives and biomedical laboratory scientists will use genetic and genomic information and technology when promoting care.

NB! This programme has no intake in 2022!

We offer the opportunity to deepen student’s knowledge and skills related to genetics and genomic counselling area in innovative learning environments and achieve the ability to implement guidance tailored to the individual needs of clients.

In the studies, students have the opportunity to collaborate with research institutes, companies utilizing genetic information and international research groups. The studies also provide the ability to work in hospital, primary health care, companies and research groups in counseling and research related to genetics and genomic information.

The Master's degree from TAMK provides you with the opportunity to continue onwards to Doctoral studies in other universities.