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Embedded systems, Information Technology

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Your life depends on embedded systems

In the modern world, embedded systems are everywhere: in cars, buildings, factories and roads. They make our world smart.

Embedded systems work in interaction with their environment and other systems; they sense, process and communicate and even scavenge their energy from the environment. Embedded systems interact with people or work invisibly in the background.

Many embedded systems are designed to increase safety, such as the automatic anti-collision braking of a car, and some for fun, for example a camera that augments reality in an outdoor game. Embedded systems combine hardware and software expertise. One example of combining these is the architectural co-design in System-on-Chip design.

As a student, we expect you to know the basics of electronics, digital logic, processors and programming. Having prior learning in computer networks and wireless communications is another option. The applicants should hold a BSc degree in computer science, electrical engineering or software engineering.

Master's Programme in Embedded Systems makes you to master the requirements management and development processes of embedded systems. 
After completing the programme, you will be qualified to pursue a wide range of career opportunities in different fields of embedded systems. 
You will have the knowledge and skills to pursue a career in industry or continue your studies towards a doctorate. 

Check out sochub.fi as example – this degree program opens you the door to the world class chip making expertise!