Big Data

Computational Big Data Analytics

Big Data

Make big sense of big data

Data analysis plays a central role in the modern information society. Organisations in the public and private sectors are collecting vast data sets, and public-sector data are increasingly made open. However, if full use is to be made of these data, they must first be analysed.

The programme teaches you to understand data analysis and master necessary skills, such as data cleansing, integration, modelling and prediction, and interactive exploration of data and models. You will also learn to present data analysis results to decision-makers with descriptive summaries and visualisations.

Successful analysts need skills related to both computational and statistical topics. As an analyst, you can be employed by analysis companies in such sectors as insurance, banking, public administration and healthcare, or in government agencies, organisations, and research institutes in these sectors. In addition to studies in one’s own degree programme, students may take full advantage of the courses offered by the multidisciplinary Tampere higher education community. Welcome to join us!